Replacement SONY VGP-BPS9 Battery not support windows 7 64bit

Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery

  • Battery Chemistry: Li-ion

  • Battery Volt: 11.10V

  • Battery Capacity: 5200mAh

  • Battery Ltem(Cell): 6-cell

  • Battery Dimension: 206 * 47.1 * 20mm

  • Battery Weight: 330g

  • Battery Color: Black/Silver

  • Battery SKU: SO006KV

VGP-BPS9 Battery:Sony replacement VGP-BPS9 Rechargeable Battery with 1 year warranty 30 days money back.
This cheap Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery is rechargeable lithium ion replacement battery for Sony VGP-BPS9, UL, CE, and ISO9001/9002 passed, more affordable than the original manufacturer's VGP-BPS9 Battery Battery yet with the same (even higher) quality!
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Dell Inspiron 1425 Battery : 5200mAh Dell Inspiron 1425 Laptop Battery for sale

New Li-ion Dell Inspiron 1425 Battery 5200mAh,11.1V online sale,Excellent customer service, strict confidentiality, fast delivery!Full 1-year warranty and 30-day money back!

  • Model No.:Dell Inspiron 1425 Battery

  • Chemistry:Li-ion

  • Volts :11.1V

  • Capacity :5200mAh

  • Size (L x W x H):204.7 x 49.5 x 20.3 mm

  • Shipping Weight :302.6g

  • Color:Black

  • SKU:DE121K

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Dell: solve IT difficulties for SMEs

IT SMEs are facing a difficult situation. For them, IT systems become more and more numerous and jumbled,or even breaches, Dell Studio 17 Battery,Dell Studio 1436 Battery can not respond flexibly changes in the business; At the same time, IT investment is becoming increasingly difficult to control, IT budget often overruns  . IT vendors to focus their hopes to solve customer problems online, designed to automatically maintain, and has an excellent safety, efficiency and performance of the computer - so that technology is more simple. This gave birth to a Dell direct market situation "simplified IT " strategy.

Dell's implementation of the "simplify IT " strategy, not weaken or reduce the function of IT standards, on the contrary, is to provide customers with peace of mind through innovative effort to save money in the IT solution, so that customers can put their energy Core business, thereby enhancing their competitiveness. The genius of this strategy is that it really landfill the IT system "growing in complexity"trap, essentially wiped out the depth of information into small and medium enterprises to give the "complexity "of the threshold, so that SMEs can afford the price , with their technical requirements , easy to achieve their own information goal .

One important sign of Dell's "simplify IT "   strategy implementation is that the client area of ​​the market for SMEs launched Vostro,XPS(Dell XPS M2010 Battery )"success"sub-brand. Vostro largely small and medium enterprises to meet the client during the procurement (including the initial distribution and upgrades) to consider five factors: safety, service support, cost, stability and ease of use.

Security: cost-effective prices consistent economic advantages of Dell products, on this basis, in order to have targeted SMEs to data assets to meet security needs, Vostro achievements notebook equipped with a fingerprint reader, local backup and recovery, remote cloud storage Genuine commercial security software and other security features, access to the SME customers a high degree of recognition.

Cost: the first time through the introduction of parity with the latest processors, graphics and interface technology products, Vostro achievements provides a longer product life cycle, as the grassroots of the enterprises to improve asset utilization; bundled with free next business day Site service and comprehensive protection services, Vostro achievements in providing more services for small and medium enterprises support mode, in the configuration performance, function of the times to come to the fore homogenization.
Service package: a wide range of SMEs in general do not branch, and its staff have often need to travel around the country, such as when to do the project in the field if there is fault, Dell's service network all over the country can be the first time to help customers solve problems, and only A minimum of cost and time cost, so that SMEs are a large enterprise-level IT support to ensure business continuity across the country.
Stability and ease of use: high-end product features by down, Votro achievement significantly improved notebook stability and ease of use, and its precise and solid aluminum body portable and durable;-board free-fall sensor, Accidentally fall out when the media disk drive heads to protect data; high-capacity lithium battery,Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Battery,Dell Inspiron 1425 Battery anti-splash LED backlit keyboard, glare screen, so Vostro customers can work in a variety of comfortable environment for a long time.

Without laptop along with you, what will travel be?

In recent years, laptop computers increasingly popular, the next few years will outsell desktop computers, personal computers became mainstream.

However, in the occupation of desktop computers notebook (Sony VGP-BPS13 Sony VGP-BPS9 )at the same time a great country, and one size smaller, carry more convenient notebook computer products are eating into market share, that is, handheld digital products, including high-end mobile phones and iPod and other portable Media player.

High-end mobile phones are fast with the past, only the various functions of notebook computers. Palm Treo, RIM BlackBerry and T-Mobile Sidekick and other mobile phones have entered the keyboard, the e-mail, network paging (instant messaging), web browsing, and even display and edit documents and other functions are also increasingly improved. Motorola (Motorola) and Nokia (Nokia) and other such companies are vigorously launched a new full-featured mobile phone.

Apple (Apple) of the iPod not as fully functional mobile phone is mainly an entertainment device; but the iPod is very popular, and in addition to music, but also some of the features with laptop computers, such as large document storage, video player, address book And a calendar.

Now people travel without a laptop(Sony VGP-BPL8 or Sony VGP-BPS8), but only to bring high-end mobile phones and iPod is becoming possible, these devices carry a lot of people, because the core functions need to use them - phone calls and listening to music, and the rest of the additional Function is really only icing on the cake.

To test this theory, my wife and I recently went to Ireland and Scotland Etienne vacation with no laptop. I've only got a digital camera, one can play the new video iPod, there is a BlackBerry I was testing high-end mobile phones in the 8700c. Cingular, it will soon launch mobile phones in the United States.

Why should I bring laptops on vacation or substitute it? That is because I have a few holiday things to do business, you need Internet access and e-mail; In addition, I also want to back up photos from a digital camera out in case the camera is lost stolen, accidental damage or memory card. I check e-mail every day, so go back to work after going to face hundreds of thousands of unread messages; and I like to see along the way online travel information sites.

Laptop can easily handle these things, but with such a heavy holiday guy really tired, but for my IT such madman, it is very easy to control could not help myself stay in the hotel room all day playing computer, not out enjoy the scenery.

To my surprise, there is no laptop actually travel all the best. This experience made me believe that some short, things are not much of a business trip can even choose not to bring laptops.

I use the iPod to back up digital photos I took. Press the shutter the whole day, the night I received a digital camera, iPod, and with a price of $ 30 is the iPod Camera Connector device iPod Camera Connector. IPod is easily and quickly backup all photos to its large capacity hard disk, without the need to delete any music or video file to make room. The end of such travel, which a co-existence of the 400 high resolution photos, but also in the form of a slide show playback.

The only drawback is the process, iPod can not identify which photos are already backed up, or let me just back up into the new photos, so it must be backed up every night, digital camera memory card, all of the content, duplicate storage previously backed up the photos. However, it generally is workable.

I'm using a BlackBerry phone more. The new price of $ 300 8700c is the best family a BlackBerry, and lighter than previous models, they are much smaller, and there are bright color screen.

As I tested using BlackBerry handsets in Europe, GM technology, so called in Ireland and Scotland, and send and receive e-mail very well. My beloved Treo phone can only be used in the United States, so go to Europe, I put on the incoming calls to BlackBerry, and to send and receive messages from home while also transferred to BlackBerry.

During the trip, I line up, take a taxi, and when in the hotel lobby and others, can sneak in to use the BlackBerry view my mass e-mail. Use laptop(Sony VGP-BPS21 Sony VGP-BPL9) computers or Internet cafes and hotel business center to send and receive mail, can not travel with this simple way without affecting comparable.

To my surprise, BlackBerry the new phone's web browser, fast and good, so I can keep track of the national news, research history and culture of Ireland and Scotland.

BlackBerry The only drawback is that I have to constantly pay attention to Cingular, BlackBerry Internet Service e-mail capacity, to see how many phones can also receive messages. Its upper limit of a miserable 25 trillion, and now Google and other service providers provide 2G mailbox.

However, I handheld test equipment is still very successful trip, I go home to see the beloved laptop is very happy, but i did’t miss it at all during travel.