RFID: a technological revolution in progress?

What is a label "intelligent"? Guillaume Rio, project manager at the junction.

They are almost invisible, but promises to revolutionize our daily lives. A spokesman for the Forum for RFID traceability and recently in Paris during the European Week of Information Technologies held that "smart" label already convinced of the industry.Sony VGP-BPS13/Q battery Improved inventory management, cost reduction, anti-theft ... to optimize them as a means of ensuring traceability throughout the supply chain, warehouse to checkout. Especially since each day has a unique serial number for identification and tracking of the object separately.

For consumers, the electronic tags also offer many advantages. This is, for example, to avoid the queue at the checkout in supermarkets with the remote identification of the contents of shopping carts by simply scanning the radio!

A chip and an antenna ...

Reacts with a chip with up to 512 bits of memory and a radio antenna, the RFID tags can communicate remotely to do with the information they contain. And without the intervention of a battery or DC, or even an optical drive, the case for reading bar codes. Sony VGP-BPS21A Battery Performance now possible with the wireless remote identification of art. "Radio Frequency Identification" RFID

A technology that uses 40

40: The RFID system has been used since World War II by the U.S. military for reconnaissance aircraft at a distance "Friend or Foe" (friend or foe).

1969: The first patent related to RFID technology in the United States by Mario Cardullo, which are used to identify the locomotives will be introduced.

70: RFID technology is still in use will be restricted and controlled, as for the safety of nuclear installations.

80 years: In Europe, cattle identification, the first application of RFID technology in the private sector. It was followed by many commercial applications, including production lines of auto manufacturers.

90 years: the miniaturization of RFID technology: IBM integrates technology into a single chip.

Many applications ...

What are the future applications of RFID? Georges Kayanakis CEO ask France.

The transport sector remains invested in RFID today 30 European cities already have such systems. The technology is also available for users of the Paris metro, use their contactless cards is known about the transport, such as "Navigo".

But progress in miniaturization and reduction of manufacturing costs of chips now open broad prospects for this technology in many areas of everyday life ... Are already being considered to facilitate recycling, waste separation by robots, is there to control the diet to lower the temperature of the food. It also appears as an infallible tool in the fight against fraud. And Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery could even slip into our credit cards, and even our identity cards!

When the label "intelligent" in our supermarkets?

"Using the electronic tag should be generalized, when the major retail players such as our own technology, because they too want to impose on the entire chain," Guillaume Rio, project manager, said exchanger heat, the European center for innovative practices in Sony VGP-BPS9/B Battery customer relations.

Wall-Mart, the biggest names in American supermarkets and the plan for German retail group Metro has adopted electronic tags in their camps in 2005, and in their stores. And the European Central Bank could also imagine this kind of marking on the ticket next year ...

A monitoring system on a large scale?

These labels, almost invisible and visible from a distance, however, remain highly controversial. Charged with violation of the privacy of citizens and consumers of this new technology to consumer protection agencies as a way without his consent, information on consumers worried again. Especially since some Sony VGP-BPS9/S Battery merchants also Gillette, Prada, Benetton and Wal-Mart is already known to use a trial basis ... sometimes without notifying their customers.

Several scandals have alerted public opinion and forced the company to moderate their ambitions in the use of RFID. After an experiment conducted discreetly, in July 2003, the supermarket giant U.S. Sony VGP-BPS9A/B Battery supermarket chain Wal-Mart, the Caspian Sea Association (consumers against invasion of privacy Supermarket and numbering) led to a boycott of the new drug called intrusion and monitoring of individuals' privacy. Lately, the German group Metro adds, in a supermarket in the Ruhr distributed, provided some 10 000 cards with RFID chips, unbeknownst to their customers. Events Sony VGP-BPS9A/S Battery consumption eventually led the group until the end, February 26, 2004, in the experiment.

In France, the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) has already placed the labels on RFID technology among the risks to individual liberty, arguing that they constitute personal data under the Act and Data Protection freedoms 1978.

How to control the use of RFID technology?

Several theoretical solutions would control the use of RFID tags, but its implementation is sometimes problematic.

The easiest way seems to allow the disabling of output chips SONY VAIO VGN-FZ210CE shops. CNIL recommends the integration of production, a technical device for the neutralization of the RFID system and provide a status display simple, active or not, the chip.

In addition, the Association of German Compaq Presario CQ60 consumer protection, FoeBuD, is currently developing its DataPrivatizer, a small portable device for monitoring chips hidden in the products ... But the main thing is, the legal framework of this technology.

Do you know the history of GPS and its applications?

As now, men use the sky for guidance. But unlike previous methods, is now provided by navigation satellites are available and provides accuracy and speed of execution of the measure to the visual observation of the sun and stars.

Satellite navigation and in particular by the GPS (Global Positioning System) is an indispensable tool for exploring a region HP Pavilion DV8000 battery that is not marked or unknown. We will see that this technique also has applications in geodesy, cartography and other disciplines amounts of civil or military.

In recent years, the price of GPS technology following a high-tech accessory has been democratized and has also found its place on the dashboard of cars, private planes and even boats. The satellite navigation system is not very convenient for hikers who go there to take stock of lost use, Asus EEE PC 904 whether by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, quad or 4x4.

For some users, the GPS long since replaced the road map and road signs, because the system can take advantage of taking the power of the computer HP Pavilion DV9000 battery for storing reference points ("waypoints") in the middle of nowhere and take into account possible traffic jams on you find an alternative route in urban areas.

A GPS is still a very sophisticated system. There are still a few years of its fighters connected to a computer, it is necessary to learn if you are too fast or if we wanted for scientific purposes. Today, these sophisticated models still exist, we will talk briefly, but in its general public, even a child without a GPS can also read the manual!

In this article we will examine this technique, remember the story of a GPS is used, and what are their limits before they raised the issue that concerns us all: how to choose a GPS system or components of Dell Vostro 1520 vehicle navigation .

History of GPS

We must develop the concept and the implementation of the constellation of GPS satellites to the visionary Dr. Ivan A. Is to be CEO of the Aerospace Corporation The American company will be. in 1960. With it has GPS in his words "lights in the sky of all mankind." First we left in 2003.

Closely linked to the Air Force, Dr. Last saw his project come to fruition in 1968 when President Nixon ordered the Pentagon to establish a system of satellites that can determine at any time, the position of a point on the Earth time real. develop objective was to assess the strategic and tactical weapons, HP Pavilion DV2000 battery which develop from satellite geodetic data transmitted in real time.

, Promoted and developed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) - So in 1973, the project NAVSTAR GPS (Global Positioning System System Time Navigation And Ranging) was created. Its purpose was purely military.

The system was tested for the first time started in 1976 on their own bombs by U.S. bombers in the desert of Yuma, Arizona. Bombs were dropped at an altitude of 3000 meters (10000 feet). The maximum error in the plane was about 17 meters (56 feet), HP Pavilion ZD7000 battery which proved extremely accurate.

The first Navstar GPS satellites in orbit by a Delta IV rocket placed 21st February 1978, but it will take 20 years to reach the full constellation of GPS satellites. The GPS system was declared officially began its work without restrictions and 27 April 1995.

Today, there are some elements of the NAVSTAR GPS satellites are either directly or under the direction of a company ... Europe, the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS NV soon. Multinationals in 2000 from the merger between Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace AG (DASA,SONY PCGA-BP4V battery which is mounted as the first NAVSTAR GPS satellites, as seen in this photo) with Aérospatiale-Matra and CASA. EADS is in the manufacture of Airbus, the Ariane rocket, the GPS satellite MetOp (manufactured by Saab Ericsson) and the Galileo satellite system are involved. EADS is the largest European aviation and space companies and the second in the world behind Boeing.

GPS applications

A. military purposes

GPS is used primarily for the management of cruise missiles and tactical munitions (bombs and missiles). In fact, the military quickly discovered that the bombers with the NAVSTAR system, the position of its objective to determine with high accuracy and possibly destroy the enemy units from 4 to 6 times by conventional means using the above Dell Inspiron 1525 systems or positioning .

GPS technology has since spread to all bodies and continue to play a role in all air operations, land and sea, led by the United States and its allies.

In particular, the GPS system was used during the Gulf War in 1991 (second round), but the system is not complete coverage. Only recently it was in all combat forces by the United States, especially during Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle (Afghanistan, 2001 and 2002 after the attacks on the WTC) to be conducted and Iraqi Freedom (Iraq, 2003).

According to the USAF GPS constellation of GPS satellites 5500 License ammunition on so many targets with an accuracy of about 3 meters and with minimum collateral Dell Inspiron 1300 damage. This represents a quarter of the 29,199 bombs and missiles from coalition forces during the war in Iraq has fired.

Other nations did not remain inactive. Russia uses the system GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System satellites, including one here) in recent decades, while China is the compass navigation system, Beidou in China (the "Big Dog"), has expanded its activities in 2008.Asus EEE PC 904H

Unlike the GPS and GLONASS, Compass uses a satellite in geostationary orbit and 30 MEO (medium face, between the low earth orbit LEO, which varies between 100 and 1500 km altitude and the BSG BSG 35900 km away). As mentioned in the mail by the China Daily, the two navigation services system: an "open service" to the public that the positioning accuracy of 10 meters (50 ns) and information "authorized service" supply "is safer [... ] To authorized Dell Inspiron 5100 users. "According to Chinese authorities, eventually the system should integrate Compass with GPS and Galileo, for. This perspective brings us back after 2012.

As for civilian

Today, only the signals from the NAVSTAR GPS receivers can be and other civilian conspirators obtained for academics, professionals and the public. These applications include both the aviation, marine and terrestrial.

The first civilian application of GPS is in any case, the air traffic control, small private transcontinental jets that have long been a satellite navigation system fitted.

Large commercial aircraft are also equipped with an autopilot, which is actually connected to a GPS tracking system that supports the automatic guidance device Dell Inspiron 9200 in real time.

The second is the use of GPS navigational aid for ships, cruise ships, boats and even submarines. GPS devices are integrated either on buoys or AWS (Above Water Sensor System Dell Vostro 1400) with a pole or a submarine periscope. Note that the GPS can not serve as a compass for sailboat autopilot, because their reaction time is too slow and is not suitable for slow speeds.

For ships, the image of the geodetic network of tags, the tags emit a continuous extension of the sea, ships can be found easily. However, most of these Dell Latitude D620 systems provide an accuracy of about 100 meters, enough to avoid collisions, hence the use, in addition to radars and electro-optical (see website solution Marinesat Maxsea).

Note that there is no solution for GPS divers themselves, because the GPS antenna must be located on the surface. However, there are devices, the positions of ultrasonic tags in the fuselage (See, for example, the scout and sports products DiveTracker Desert Star) on the Asus EEE PC 904HA market.

The third is the civilian use of GPS driver assistance. Integrate in the last years car manufacturers have a GPS receiver in your car, whether factory or optional.

The unit displays placed on the Dell Latitude D820 dashboard or integrated into an interactive map showing the location and description of the vehicle is integrated in real time. Pilot navigation software and the system tells you the time to follow the direction, distance and driving, if necessary, taking into account gaps and other users. There are also simplified models for hikers. We will return in detail.

The fourth request refers to all civilian scientists to use the network of geodetic points (IGN, for example), the surveyor, surveyors, cartographers and other Asus EEE PC 904HD specialists in geomatics (bathymetry, etc.) maps of the area with an accuracy of "inches can produce.



Nanotechnology :the danger you maybe never know

The largest SONY VGP-BPS13B/Q Battery market share on the computer with the ability to short by 1000, increase the density of electronic circuits using materials such as nanotubes (carbon). It would be futile to attempt to influence the fields of application from the list of new materials, they are from general to private. The military (including the United States is the largest funder of nanotechnology research seconds) described the characteristics of the wars of tomorrow.

The bionic warrior capable of the high walls of 6 m, with his shoes on the disc with a combination that makes it invisible cross, invincible, indestructible and incorruptible, he has a number of chemical sensors, electrical, biological. Itself is miniaturized with rockets and explosives. Agribusiness, hard to accept GMOs, Sony VGP-BPS13A/B Battery may come from the fatigue of the militant citizens benefit by accepting the benefits of these novel foods (atomically modified organisms), although specifically developed and tested, and their nutritional value for needs and tastes of consumers are compensated by the selective activation of encapsulated substances. Sensor products at the end of the food industry put warning of the toxicity of food and other advances can be made of what is said, Sony VGP-BPS13B/B Battery will be recycled and no longer need to be organic. Nanotechnology paves the way for rebuilding the world from the elementary units revised. In this new genesis of all things existing classifications are removed.

Of course, the inert HP Pavilion DV7 Battery barrier between subjective and do not live, however, not to mention the species barrier to exist either. As in the famous theory that immunological barrier prevents living organisms are assigned to a foreign body, it enters expires, the nanoparticles in living cells as well as sugar dissolves in water. Transgenesis, molecular biologists work that is "natural" way. Animals and machines will merge in mega-machine, reinforces the artificiality of social life and character of the natural mechanical. Finally, Sony VGP-BPS9/B Battery self-replicating nano-units are working to create macro-organisms.

The latter is the main concern of mutants that defies social life of them (see "Why the future does not need us" by Bill Joy) fear, while the New Mutants agree that overcoming fear and what is propelling the mega-machine with joy. While physicists have claimed the last 30 years of the twentieth century to explain to repair the HP 464059-142 Battery mechanistic view of the world they had historically defended strongly (because they had to win) would eventually be approaches that are more respectful of the complexity exceeded before (because it was there that there was a time to win), we're back in the apotheosis of reductionism (because that's where he is to win new ones), all that there is a set of elementary particles reduced and if something is missing or wrong with the universal Lego,SONY VAIO VGN-AR Battery is an arrangement of atoms to be done to remedy this deficiency.

Mega-merger of the networking of machines while she is like a big bowl where all the bodies of their conquered and able to swim together in a jumble of incredible-looking postures. This is called convergence: the science of nanotechnology, biotechnology, SONY VAIO VGN-CR Battery information and cognitive are not more than one subject and globalized. From this vision, it is probably unnecessary, the possible risks of advanced engineering technician new to look at, and they are all exceptional in this dilution. The order of natural reason has certainly disappeared, it is not to mention pollution, a term indicating that a piece of equipment to be used, where, in HP 464058-121 Battery principle, no reason was, for example, an atom of radioactive cesium was no reason to be a fungus or a pig in the flesh. It is always possible to say that this mechanistic world techno reconstruction will be a huge flop (especially in respect of applications for monitoring and bio-detection, which would be impossible to generalize) are SONY VAIO VGN-CR120E/R Battery.

The scope of nanotechnology is no less devastating to what exists so far (except perhaps bacteria, which have seen others, and perhaps automatic doors). Because the system assumed to synthesize techno Marchand, the interests of all, perhaps now that he has terms for the scientific truth to come to their senses and human biological life, not work. These criteria are not suitable for industrial development, the SONY VAIO VGN-CR125E/B Battery key is that to increase the activity, meaning that energy is converted and eliminated as quickly as possible, regardless of the device of "care and for what purpose. "There are plenty of unoccupied space at the atomic level," the remarks of Richard Feynman, physicist, famous and eccentric (not as well as to keep away from the fabulous Manhattan Project, which brought together brilliant physicist West), which be celebrated as the invitation in the privacy of the material that is rare in our environment to get: instead of the energy markets and new.

But the importance of SONY VAIO VGN-CR13/R Battery energy resources and water to the new industrialization of the region is necessary quickly to absorb almost all that remains macroscopic natural resources (that is, that man today, "TODAY 'Today, the finger and put it in his pocket). Social and geopolitical tensions designed to naturally increase the safety precautions. When the motor development of nanotechnology, running blind to the HP 464059-141 Battery power that was never in a position that things are, and locked in the protected area is social it is natural that policy makers, economic and military closed his eyes are dark with this new game of evolution, not affirmative, please give them a chance. People who are concerned about what happens, it will be the first search argument their health, "we will finally stop the cancer epidemic, really!" And when one piece threatens to disrupt a body, a nanobot take steps to address SONY VAIO VGN-CR13G Battery.

The senses are greatly improved, soil, or just what. they should also produce tailored no body, no digital data, no thought of escaping supervision and standardization of rules, which manages the global market in a way, of course, the better. dealers of precious woods, endangered species and newborns are particularly better watch out. sensitive souls that this would be taken, a new SONY VAIO VGN-CR13G/L Battery face fraud pircorwellienne depth to explain neomutations ideology, after all the changes, which extended that what man has always and in any case, nobody can something that is not definitely proven, do, is still highly likely, and refute any case. This could be quite long, it will not prevent some of the jokes found.

Without our animals - that we take HP 464059-121 Battery to be burned because they are not equipped with chips - we will not be anything. Heard the voice of the sheep farmers, one of the first night of the 2006 Domaine self Maten 2) The reason for abuse is a critique of progress - for thousands of years - that the manufacturing economy and liberalism in the period recent, but not always the most relevant criticism of the latest social theories, could influence the direction of SONY VAIO VGN-CR20 Series social change -.

This means that, in passing, that so far the trend is certainly active person, or human reason confirms that it is now more time to question whether technological revolutions are good or bad, when science might be useful to the people and all technical progress devastating flood of techniques2 and eliminate all that biological evolution has created. Anyone who agrees to cooperate in these projects agree to a new man who renounces his contemporaries and become his children, which was essentially the life of his SONY VAIO VGN-CR190 Battery predecessor.

To plead the cause of progress, it is not possible to say that it has strengthened the position of the human population to an extraordinary success, as they are in a nightmare, HP 464059-161 Battery and that the mutants are now calling for hunting humans ( see http:/ / mutation. ifrance.com / hominisation.htm). It is still possible - to go to that modern man fears more bad weather, predators, and the number of physical conditions such as remote locations or to take advantage of the weakness of his body - despite the increase in natural disasters. These improvements, people have limited social services increasingly monitored and ensured that the exchange is the foundation of life, SONY VAIO VGN-CR382 Battery not between man and nature meet, but between people rounded up and monitoring of development social, that would interfere unduly with the mutants are we. To extend the argument to recognize that neither progressive technologies offer a series of emancipation, the most obvious, the remoteness of man from the old domination of nature and superstitions that accompany this condition to our agreement with the ancestral world SONY VAIO VGN-CR590 battery.

If emancipation represent the size of Western culture, we must conclude that they simply accompany the disposal of biology, social order and the closeness of living in control all there. For example, in the second half of the twentieth century, the emancipation of women from male domination SONY VAIO VGN-AR83S Battery was (and it is no coincidence) with the increase in technical devices to dispose of. This undermines the apologetic discourse of progress is first that the process of evolution is imposed independently of human will. Although some people are naturally delighted with the social progress, it is clear that the problem is not democratic asked if it was desired. It was a condition of social evolution, and we were able to enjoy this SONY VAIO VGN-AR84S Battery feeling to their positive effects.

You want to hear again, nothing more weakly, that policy makers still decide that the people invested and approved political accountability, what happened. The argument now seems almost grotesque makers were introduced as they had promoted in advance, the exaggerated claims of technological development, that is, SONY VAIO VGN-AW battery they never decided, other rather than allowing the forces of domination are accepted. It will eventually ruin the idea of ​​progress for the human eye is that it has caught up. The man I said, to be plastic, awarded to all the changes, an agent of change, which, as it builds them destroyed. Instrument, but also a victim of evolution. One victim, now widespread in the production and use of innovative devices in question.

Therefore, the SONY VAIO VGN-AW41JF/H design and use of what is produced, transmitted daily self-programmable machines. And the prospect of a world free of this parasite is now considered cumbersome. The extraordinary historical context in which we find is that the social divide, not a social gap that can speak as the president of a republic in the privatization process, HP 464059-252 Battery to describe what separates zealous servant of the development of these that were due or not they wanted to keep, were back of the pack in the suburbs is the difference between the machines and social institutions - that are now part of the social influence and familiar development according to their own interests - and others SONY VAIO VGN-AW41MF/H caught in this system are becoming more controlled.

All news tells us that the company is constant is not a human society, it is ready, create a future that all life in the objectives of the institutions they dominate Artificial. It's like the evolution of life in a trap the animal with a more cerebral SONY VAIO VGN-FZ11M Battery process opens the way for an artificial life that the conditions for the further development initiated fallen determined. A title of the work of Gérard Nissim Amzallag (CNRS Editions) borrowed, in which the author analyzes the nature and modalities of operation of the industry of science and technology. 2 concept developed by Michel Tibon Cornillot.

So, we are all invited to participate actively and effectively as possible to see the extinction of life, without, we excluded more rapidly from the social game. This domination of individuals to the development of a social dominant and destructive, is a mechanism that is at work everywhere. This SONY VAIO VGN-FZ130E/B Battery mechanism (the bonus is called the negative) is briefly explained by the fact that it is unlikely that people want to work together to stop looting (and those who do not raid at the back) even if just to ruin the world they inhabit. The introduction of the policy, which was probably to protect the human society of this phenomenon, the project has always been stronger outside the boundaries of social space,SONY VAIO VGN-FZ15 Battery to the point where it is now the rule.

And, for example, that a whole generation is involved in land speculation on housing, it is virtually impossible for the next generation to have a living room. Struggle without hope of redemption in this case we will take a little longer. This is probably what is meant when they left, some radical, civic, anti-globalization, and most of the groups or individuals that contribute in varying degrees of intuition,SONY VAIO VGN-FZ15G Battery strength, what happens, try criticize. It may be suggested that many of those who decided not to think, not even to do. In fact, it's always a moment when we must under pain of falling into confusion or unconsciousness, question everything. If the current situation creates resentment can suggest what may have felt defeated, they abandon their culture to their new masters to marry (the Gauls in Papua by American Indians), the situation had now is that this particular time is the ultimate winner in the history of humanity - to say the Western merchants techno - with a sense of their own end, and he knows the new owners if they are looking for a couple of SONY VAIO VGN-FZ150E Battery appearances, are the properties of robots and mechanical devices.

But what characterizes the survivors to this day (so I call those who obey first for your good will, what they think of the path of evolution) is that the demands of modernity, by an ideology of emancipation still seemed humanly reasonable place. It is no longer the case, the supernatural, SONY VAIO VGN-CS39 Battery the divine economy, humanism, rationalism, socialism, all ideologies are discredited. What is required to adhere to thrive today, defies human reason, including the spirit of the scientific method, and it is clear that if we continue, we should get rid of our human presence. Nothing works, it would make more sense of the idea into something, as long as it works. Therefore, the new ideology, neo-mutant, Sony VAIO VGN-Z35 suggests that exactly why we should have a good idea to find people. Since we are already dead, enjoy!

3) The decisive battle, Grenoble and Sony VAIO VGN-TT11M battery elsewhere! For the opportunity to reverse the tide, it must not only be obvious to most people it was best to leave the system and live differently by mobilizing their energy on reconstruction projects, but it everywhere at once. And why should especially those who are invited to enter the system techno Marchand refused to come. The multiple strategies of resistance are facing this difficulty. For example, the concept of decline in a fairly realistic observation of the ecological situation is based, the fact that HP Pavilion DV5 battery growth is not desired, a choice of development or in place of the people, but a commitment to meeting the requirements of domination of influential companies in the imposed ignore the rational management of the living world. As organizer of this concept you can imagine that the company they are a dangerous weakening of their authority to accept HP 480385-001 Battery a time when the experiment a billion people


How to get your want repaired or replacement part

The remote control or automation fails, it is difficult to obtain compensation. The HP Pavilion DM4 installation program will automatically enable you to new equipment, or buy complete change of the control system (engine control unit and receiver), because it is often possible to repair or replace the defective part.

The technician is responsible for repairs and to repair or to provide the best solution may replace defective parts with new ones. It will also help address the problem of automation.

Replacement of equipment

For the purchase of replacement HP Pavilion DV4, you must choose the correct model out of hundreds of makes and models, the technician will help you to identify the material to simple questions, clear and concise.

A description of a little 'cause ambiguous, misunderstood or simply to a search result and buy the wrong equipment unusable, because the remote has a different e-mail address!

For the exchange of the various devices must be observed.

The frequency of use, time base, the protocol, certain brand name electronics and encoding mode is very important.

If one of these parameters is not identical to, the purchase of the equipment is not functioning.

The so-called compatible HP Pavilion DV7-4010SD remotes are to be avoided, some work some do not. To use an original transmitter should be able to work if the code is corrupted or lost you will not have that kind of exchange of the transmitter with a dubious compatibility.

The technician will help you find the original model that you need and you can. It connects directly to most manufacturers of original brands combined.

For her: http://www.lestelecommandes.free.fr/index.php?Autres-marques-modeles

The principle of coding is very important, whether developed or undeveloped, if need access to the receiver, if a master station or first ensure that the third party is entitled or authorized to do business with the setting télécommmande into service.

You will be informed prior to purchase.

For individual houses, if you do not take the encoding process, the technician will contact you.

Unfortunately, search engines, the principle of coding is often formulated in technical terms not understood by the public, equipment, without the possibility of the use is gained, it is often not taken up and not on the method coding.

Your transmitter,HP Pavilion DV7 battery,remote control, a beep tag is obsolete, do not worry, this is not the time to replace your automatic, in fact, generally have an auxiliary input for automatic order a new receiver with one or more transmitters their number to connect. This will not change your automatic, it will still work with the old Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery station is erased, or condition.

Creates new channels, followed reliable products to our selection.

Install an engine installed will ENGINE

It is not recommended to buy these machines in supermarkets, to consider certain parameters to be unpleasant surprises, such as to prevent the door opens by itself in the wind, the plastic casing of the engine fails, or equipment is not required on the functions.

The Dell Inspiron 1545 devices are installed should be selected according to specific local conditions and technical specifications. Is there a slide, swing and tilt? What weight is it? What is the engine itself? What exactly is your project?

Your new machine will enable the ability to add devices? If you need additional hardware or in the context that you will find available or adaptable? Is it easy to get replacement parts?

In supermarkets, not to be sure that the expensive equipment, but it is possible to have an end to the series or destocking compromise the availability of spare parts.

After reviewing your project, the technician will use his experience to advise you of professional equipment for the benefit of the screen the youngest and most reliable way which best suits Dell Latitude E6400 your needs.


HP Pavilion DV7-3187CL Must be installed, it seems generally easier at the time of purchase for those who have some knowledge of electricity, but when it comes to installation or for devices that do not work properly or n ' has not been made after the acquisition of equipment you are not sure and I would like confirmation or other links ....

It is then often try in vain to the seller, the answer is not necessarily Contact your HP Pavilion DV7-3183NR questions, then a long and tedious search on the Internet, to ensure correct information from a person who takes the time to listen to understand your problem. In general, the technical service after sales is non-existent, the call premium, the long wait before a HP Probook 4710S partner is often not competent.

DPCELEC the company provides technical support before and after the sale negotiations.

It offers a simple call

It's a phone number at no extra fee charged to your network operator or service provider.

What are the prices?

When shopping online, it is necessary to be careful when comparing prices, in fact, show some pages out of tax rates on the first page, then HP TouchSmart TX2 VAT on the second, then the cost of shipping for the same materials are very different depending on the site, it can be seen at 10.00 € 15.00 extra. Next to each place has its own method to encourage the purchase, it is sometimes very convincing, but not always justified.

In a purchase, it is important to compare the final price actually charged for payment.

How technicians? As technicians work?

Before shipping the repaired or replacement HP Pavilion ZX6000 equipment has been tested and verified in the workshop which is guaranteed delivery in perfect condition. While some sites offer a guarantee, it is very unpleasant to have in a defective new units at their own expense for the replacement and wait for it! The experience allows the technician to detect various abnormalities of production. It is regularly visited by people who have contacted a defective or without notice. All HP Pavilion ZV6000 dealers have a serious face!

The new facility is 01 or 02 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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You do not buy in the neighborhood and anxious to know if the repair of your equipment, regulations, do not worry, the company is DPCELEC be used together by correspondence by e-mail or telephone to provide a service quality.

In HP Pavilion DV7-4007EO stock are the most common materials are very short delivery times. Shipping is possible after receipt of payment and will be informed personally by e-mail on the status of your order after receipt of payment devices.

Sent when sending a mail with the tracking number of the packet to the receiver to track the flow of packets over the Internet.


D = Dépannge, P = In, C = Correspondence, ELEC = electronic

The HP Pavilion ZT4000 technician who specializes cut before creating his company "DPCELEC" in a company in the production of the oscillator components piezoelectric crystals at specific frequencies according to the needs of customers like e: Fire, Military, Police, Ministry of the Interior, NASA, Alcatel, etc.. He was responsible for the maintenance of HP Pavilion ZD8000 electronic devices and molecular pumps (empty) in order to spray metallizing of electrodes on the quartz plate. Nature abhors a vacuum, a maintenance error was not allowed, "

At the time he had delivered to each user station receives a quartz oscillator, HP Pavilion DV8T quartz flourished market demand. It only took time to develop the technique with a single oscillator and an integrated circuit to the appropriate frequency to generate users, the competition in the market with its Japanese production in the frequencies of the battery found in most watches now, computers, etc. . not allow certain HP Pavilion TX2600 manufacturing companies to survive in the piezo-electricity to .....

The HP Pavilion DV8 technician would decided to start a company in a development area, where users need a help desk. On the impact of the failure of conventional quartz oscillator stops, the plate is poorly or not at all because of their HP Pavilion DV7-1150 age because of the automation components of deffectueux wireless remote control. A remote repair service for all brands and models was created, which examined customer satisfaction for the quality of service DPCELEC a new additional remotes. So the company developed a small additional activity in the HP Pavilion DV7-1020 sale of your original remote all makes and models.

The activity is DPCELEC troubleshooting all types of sales & télécommmandes home. A specialty shops now coveted by most TV HIFI VIDEO comfort to carry video equipment, alarms, fire extinguishers ......, remote or the "icing on the cake." Unlike his colleagues, HP Pavilion DV7-4000 Series ,not DPCELEC marginalize others, and work only at the express request of the client for remote controls, automatic doors, gates, garages ....

How to choose the best configuration of a PC-based funding

These tips should help you in the best configuration of your PC based on a budget. The choice of supplier is your responsibility. The major changes are envisaged: the development of the Dell Precision M2400 battery PCI bus to PCI-X (Express), the best throughput, the IDE interface for Serial ATA, USB 2.0 with more speed, even for DDR/DDR2 memories and provide more integrated the motherboard graphics, network card, sound card, Wi-Fi and RAID (Intel Matrix Storage Technology in the jargon). This integration is not without increasing the price of motherboards and it is good to compare carefully before making an investment decision. Especially for fans of the games, the Dell Latitude E6400 battery quality of the integrated graphics are still very far from that of specialized maps.


The laptop seems a priori very attractive. I do not recommend it unless the movement because it was expensive with limited expansion capabilities. It is no longer the case today

The purchase price represents a fixed configuration. Since early 2008, the "mobile network", less than 1 kg, such as the Asus Eee PC € 299 cheaper than a desktop PC is started.

The proliferation of powerful external buses such as USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 can easily add new devices.

Autonomy is always a problem at work, there is often connected to a power outlet and the latest models offer little improvement.

Good hardware

To purchase, you must first define the configuration. It is very rare that proposed by the sellers naturally. For example, the amount of RAM and hard disk performance much more influence on performance than processor performance.

With a budget, here are the main talking points in order. If there is the budget, then we can always in the same order, the inflated configuration.

Tax rates are approximate and may vary significantly due to vendors and service levels. They were updated in August 2008.

To test your configuration and compare the performance, I recommend the free tool that you can download SiSoftware Sandra external site.

Motherboard: [50 to 150 EUR]

It is the continued expansion. We buy all motherboard + CPU + memory. The development of these components is separately become almost impossible. So we decide together, Intel or AMD, and choose accordingly.

The ATX standard was finally forced to face as the Old Testament standard ATX power supply can be managed in conjunction with the ACPI power consumption by better machine.

There are a lot of media formats for the Dell Precision M4400 CPU: Socket-7 predecessor and a slot for Pentium II and III. Retrieve the base 7 to your old processor, while a slot only works with a PII or PIII. Intel missed the introduction and now offers support Slot1 PIII FCPGA / Socket 478 Celeron and P4. New Media launched its appearance for the Pentium 4 LGA 775 has more connections and more robust. If I get a longer life? For its part, Dell Latitude E6410 AMD also offers a variety of media.

There are several types of Dell Latitude E6410 ATG memories: EDO for old maps and AT SDRAM and RDRAM ATX boards. The new RDRAM performance was barely better than the old SDRAM, and costs twice as much. We head to its abandonment. Memory as was the norm for PIII PC133 SDRAM DDR266 or DDR333 is for the P4. Trade names are PC2100 (DDR266) and PC2700 (DDR333), indicating the speed in MB / s. The new DDR2 memory will be sold under the trade name of PC2 3200, PC2 4300, PC2 5300, sold for example, a doubling of prices.

The bus or internal ports (PCI, AGP, IDE) can be replaced either by more efficient bus or PCI-X Serial ATA (SATA) or the external bus (USB 2.0, IEEE 1394). The USB bus provides significantly improved performance with version 2.0, so he preferred. The USB 3.0 set in 2008 will soon emerge.

Memory: 1 GB to 2 GB [80 €]

This is a key point for performance. Do not hesitate to lower prices of memory, and go right to a minimum of 1 GB for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It will be just enough for Windows Vista. A minimum of 2 GB for virtualization software good performance AVC, such as VMware.

Hard Drive: 250 GB Serial ATA II [50 €]

Description Videlles Ultra-DMA/100 significantly improve disk performance, which are similar to those of SCSI hard drives. A new standard goes further, it is SATA or Serial ATA. Performance is further improved (150 Mb / s or 300Mb / s for SATA II), but the most visible change is the sheet, 31-4 son son (see photo) is. No more IDE ribbon cable and connectors. We must therefore focus on the Serial ATA (attention to ensure they are supported by your motherboard). Establish a minimum standard of 250 GB and add a second hard drive of 250 GB to 400 GB if you want to make the video. Note the latest versions of Dell Precision M4500 XP or 2000 to over 129 MB per partition.

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core [50 to 150 euros] L

Improving processor performance slows. To reduce consumption and improve performance a bit, manufacturers install more processor cores (Core English) in the microprocessor. There is no need for processors to buy at a price of € 150. It also increases the price does not justify an increase in performance. With 150 € you have a dual-core processor than enough for everything, including Dell Latitude E6500 video.

ATX + Keyboard + mouse: [50 to 200 euros]

VideChoisir description of a case with an ATX power supply, better control of energy consumption of the machine, then verify that ACPI is installed by Windows. Note that the power cable directly to the necessary P4 processor. SATA drives and high-end graphics cards require special adapters. There is no need for food, as it to change cards. However, the instruments of the Dell Precision M6400 consumption of eyes and if you have a high-end PC graphics card, please select at least 550 watts for the diet.

For those who want to use their PC for the living room, there is a new format for mini-PC barebone or (see photo), which is also suitable for connection with the Hi-Fi

Keyboard and mouse are conveniently equipped with USB and prefer a scroll wheel, the field of view can in all directions, without the lift to scroll. Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse on the outside is a bit expensive to use, very nice. Increasingly, the noise of a PC is intolerable, because I never turn it off and put it to sleep is recommended. There are many Dell Latitude E6510 facilities for quiet fan noise of a machine or variable speed depending on temperature, radiator, etc. ... to reduce

LCD 19-22 inch 16:10 [A250 € 150]

With falling prices, LCD flat screen is great need. manufacturers have decided in 2008, all their products on the aspect ratio of 4:10 p.m., the focus should be standardized. For the size, it is within your means. It's comfortable, " Dell Precision M6500 and won by 19" from 17 Check your monitors support digital interface, DVI / HDMI.

-Integrated graphics or PCI-X: [0 to 300 euros]

If you want maximum performance for 3D games, choose a PCI-X Nvidia GeForceselon with the processor you can afford. ATI Radeon is less effective. For typical applications, each integrated graphics, including the motherboard will do the trick, even for video editing.

-Sound Card: [0 to 300 euros]

In most cases a good quality sound card is integrated into the motherboard and there is no need to worry. If you have special Dell Latitude E6400 ATG needs, then we must choose the range Soundblaster. More and more external sites, there are media that can make entries in the facade: interesting for those who are manipulating audio.

DVD: [From 30 €]

Required. The falling prices of DVD burners (which also burn CDs) makes DVD players and CD useless.

-Network adapter 10/100 Mbit / s 1 Gbit / s: [0 to 20 €]

This accessory is required to access the Internet via cable or DSL. If the network interface comes standard on the motherboard (rare), choose a PCI 10/100 Mbit / s with RJ45 connector. For Dell PT436 Battery more details, see a network at home on this site. If you have large files to transfer, choose a motherboard with one or two network interfaces with integrated Gbit / s. Switch to 1 Gbit / s, are reasonably priced and the performance is breathtaking.

Color Printer: [50 to 150 euros]

I added Dell MP307 Battery a printer color ink jet. The quality and ease of use of inkjet prices for such use almost miraculous to those who knew the saga of the printers. Choose a USB connector, the parallel interface is destined to disappear. You can also choose a model based on the price of ink cartridges. Prices may vary from 1 to 10. Printer ink costs more than whiskey, Chivas 12 years of Channel 5 fragrances for the same amount!

-Scanner: [$ 100]

It 'became essential for the conversion of paper documents or photos in digital format or simply as a copy with a color printer. Choose a model with USB 2.0. You must choose a model with a more faithful reading head CCD CIS cheaper. Above all, time to crawl a page may vary depending on the Dell KY266 Battery model of less than a minute to more than 2 minutes.

ADSL Modem-xxxBox

ADSL is becoming increasingly common. Choose a free offer, providing free TV modems, routers and access and telephony. Ls in all cases to use a model with no RJ45 and USB. This will simplify the networking of computers. For Dell FU268 Battery more details, see a network at home on this site.


Indispensable for a laptop is usually installed as standard. For a desktop PC, you should prefer a wired connection.

Special Features


VideC'est description to replace the disk. Within 100 or 1000 times on a keychain for a few euros. Use a state of emergency.

Webcam [50 €]

For the price, it would be a shame to pass. Choose a USB model. For use with all communication software such as MSN Messenger or Skype, for example. If you have a laptop Dell 451-10584, it is important to choose a model with built-in webcam on the screen.


QR-code: more than an advertising tool

The "QR code" are the black and white square tiles, HP HSTNN-W50C Battery which abound everywhere. From a print, poster or even a different image of the QR-code web links, email addresses, phone numbers, text, etc. to offer our smartphones. marketing courses has jumped on the case, but the QR-code could be more than just a gadget pubilictaire: A first step into the futuristic world of "related objects"

QR code?

The QR code was created by Japanese HP HSTNN-Q35C Battery company Denso-Wave in 1994 to track car parts Toyota plants.Published in 1999, Denso Wave, QR-code under a free license, so this is the proliferation of codes in Japan have contributed. Then in the late 2000s, he became one of the most popular two-dimensional codes in the world, and applications are available for reading QR codes are often installed by manufacturers of mobile phones. In Japan, this Sony Limited Edition 007 Battery practice is widespread in almost 10 years.

QR codes can store Web links, text, phone numbers, SMS and now a location on Google Maps, a picture or even a video ... smartphones and cell phones be read with a program for HP HSTNN-OB75 Battery reading (QR-code reader or QR reader in English) provided.

The advantage of QR code is its easy and fast creation and use. To read a QR code, simply launch the application and read the code in the moving target. Many sites offer these mobile applications, usually at no cost.

How does it work?

It is first important to note that the use of SONY VAIO PCG-5G1L Battery QR codes absolutely free (subject of course to have a mobile Internet package ...). If you have a QR code to find an advertisement in a shampoo bottle on the label of a garment or a card, and want to know what is behind, you have two conditions:

a smart phone with a digital camera. The model and make the phone do not play a role. Almost all smartphones HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iPhone, LG, ... Are able to read a QR code.

the appropriate application installed on the smartphone. This is the key to decrypt a QR code. In fact, to read a QR-Code, you must install HP HSTNN-OB74 Battery a small free application. Whether you are on the iPhone, a smartphone Android on Nokia, Backberry, Windows 7 Phone or provide all the platforms download (AppStore, Android Market, Ovistore ...) many free applications that run on the decoding QR codes.

Some applications already known (but not limited to!)

MobileTag (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Nokia)

QR Reader (iPhone)

QR Droid (Android)

First use: The Pub!

As managers of marketing practice the SONY VAIO PCG-5K1L Battery QR technology promotional opportunity not escape them! This shows flourish QR Code on posters and magazines like the forsythia in early spring. In most cases, the code is just an easy link to the website of the company or product presented.

It is handy enough and done enough Benin (you can choose whether to use ...), but the creativity HP HSTNN-IB75 Battery of advertising opportunities associated with the media have already given some interresting achievements:

AXA (Belgium) using the QR code for the renovation of an agency,

The Japanese make mud pies,

And he even mints QR code Frisk!

mainly support

But the QR Code is primarily a support and, as the Internet or the paper, it is finally decided what to do!

Both a symbol of consumer society, HP HSTNN-DB75 Battery but also a tool for multimedia communication, creating a link between real and virtual ... The movements of modern art and urban immediately recover the small square so conducive to the rantings, there is just to type "QR Arts" in a search engine to be convinced.

Across the spectrum of possible uses Reporters Without Borders is launching its latest campaign in Belgium: "Because there are mouths SONY VGP-BPS13B/Q Battery whose truth will never be"

The originality of this media campaign is the integration of a QR code displayed below each photo. Thus, equipped with its smartphone, the reader can scan the code and ask for her phone on the mouth of the leader. It is from this moment qu'RSF symbolically gives a voice to unbiased information, as one journalist said the HP HSTNN-C50C Battery situation in the country.

One small step for the object, but one giant leap for connectivity!

To look beyond the simple observation and immediacy to leave the development of QR code, a larger movement of a mixture of SONY VGP-BPS13B/S Battery technology, real needs and possibilities for applications: objects connected!

Because that's what QR code: once on the forehead, the poster or magazine are connected, a connection between the physical fact (atomic) and virtual (the electron).

Other technologies (RFID tags enable the identification / tracking radio for geolocation objects and access control) contribute to the relationship between objects HP HSTNN-B071 Battery and virtual worlds. Currently, the most widely used in logistics platforms in our living room, however, RFID is expected to equip items more and more each day.

The Internet of Things ...

LCD touch screen, Wi-Fi now connected to the Samsung RF4289 ... a refrigerator!

Among the changes and new concepts with which we are witnessing the era of IPv6 (Internet Protocol version six), is the emancipation of a different kind of connection this time on objects HP GA08073 Battery, not just computers. is the expansion of the Internet in the real world.

This concept is well known, the Internet of things. This is obviously a direct consequence of the extent of IPv6 address space of its predecessor, IPv4, SONY VGP-BPS13A Battery which is in use, offers the last remaining addresses!

Who would have thought that the four billion addresses available in IPv4 is not enough to have for humanity? There is the further development of our interaction with the Internet, the key to the answer.

In fact, if the IP addresses were originally used to connect computers, they asked for the latest video games on the Internet, IPTV, and especially for mobile phones.

The Internet of Things is on the way, Vint Cerf looks like the designers of the Internet protocol suite, TCP / IP. The HP 516355-001 Battery evidence is such as mobile phones, digital picture frames, household appliances such as refrigerators with a network interface, or label, and so accessible to see distance, what is missing, or if the plant can also communicate with people about to sensors during insertion and the water level in soil is low to determine SONY VGP-BPS13/B Battery and transmit the information to the user via SMS and Twitter!

In addition, all applications that communicate with IPv6 now with the virtual objects associated with a specific user.

The Internet of things could then 50-100 Billionen encode objects in the world and pursue their freedom of movement and travel. All you need is a sensor for each SONY VAIO PCG-5K2L Battery object or identification tag (RFID).

What could be revolutionary is that all objects that can be connected by Internet to communicate without human intervention.

However, the combination of items over the Internet their SONY VAIO PCG-5L1L Battery vulnerability to attacks or intrusion attempts since when an object is accessible via the Internet, increasing their vulnerability.

This is the case, HP 509422-001 Battery ,for example, by high-end cars that do not work solely by the effect of the burning of oil, but also for the millions of lines of code that are not only the communication between different units of the car, but also and above all possible communication with the neighborhood and every object associated with the Internet.

If the Internet of things, the objects HP Pavilion DM4 are in a position to make decisions without human intervention, the central role of mediation is played by the man, so are arranged, and a redefinition of the Internet is required.

Nevertheless, in the future of the Internet, the boundaries between art and fiction is virtual!

The RFID:Another New Threat To Civil Liberties

The ongoing miniaturization of microelectronic chips led to a multiplication of their abilities and their use. This is the case with the systems of radio frequency identification (RFID), now widely available and nanotechnology will continue to grow, while their costs. Sources of productivity in industry and comfort in everyday life, however, these tools are synonymous with means of monitoring and control of man, especially when combined Acer Aspire One Battery with the identification of other biometric data.

Alain Weber, a lawyer and member of the Data Protection Commission of the League of Human Rights in April 2006, the threat that development of such technology raises our freedoms. We take the original text published on the website

The experience in your field, you feel the convergence of technologies creates a risk of violation of civil rights and privacy?

The Human Rights League (LDH) HP Pavilion G60 has worked on these issues from the Data Protection Act, 1978 files and freedoms. His commission "Freedom and computing 'is happening today with many associations and organizations, when he stand up for civil liberties and human rights will be protected. We believe a priori negative against new Dell Inspiron 1520 technologies, we, on the contrary, it can be very useful in some areas, for example with the possibilities of surgical tools remote communication on the Internet, etc..

However, we believe SONY VGP-BPL8 there is a real acceleration of threats to human rights on one side by a combination of techniques that the network of information about people, others can be a benefit socio-political and legal name of the fight against support for terrorism, the tendency to the formation of mega-files containing personal data. Our role is to alert the public, especially when the use of technology, no matter what the benefits it provides, creates disorder in civil liberties or an invasion of privacy. Comfort and joy, giving SONY VGP-BPL9 a new technology is always a price, which can be reduced freedoms.

In addition, we will experience a severe safe atmosphere: in this context, the law on the fight against terrorism [2] provides a way to film the events, so that the collection of personal data to fuel litigation . In this case, the use of digital video technologies, perfectly legal, civil liberties Dell Inspiron 1545 and privacy of the individual as people are killed and files are created with their images without their knowledge if they demonstrate the right fundamental movement and to be together to undermine a news show.

The Law on Data Protection News 6 August 2004 [3] allows such practices? And what is with the European Convention on Human Rights?

The law of August 2004 does not satisfy us, because the level of rights protection, which HP HSTNN-CB73 reduces previously existed. The European Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 [4] - in which this law is the implementation of the French law - states that the Member States of the Union should not lower the level of protection of its laws . Or next to the text, the powers of the National Commission Dell Inspiron 1720 for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) was a licensing system for biometric tools used in a private company can be strengthened. But again, they dropped their powers in relation to projects of the state: a decree, a new processing of personal data should not be a favorable opinion of the CNIL, but only a reasoned opinion, a department may impose biometrics in their own SONY VGP-BPL12 departments.

What is the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, it has established good, but the rights to limit that to register for a sustainable democratic society. The rights and freedoms may therefore have certain Dell Inspiron 1721 limitations. I would add that the Treaty of the European Union has a particular reading of "freedoms" that are not civil liberties that have a priority, but economic freedom and free enterprise.

In the state of the HP HSTNN-CB87 texts, sometimes just a hello to the Constitutional Court. In December 1998, the Constitutional Council, the position of the LDH by the transfer of further personal data between public authorities, namely the relationship between tax and social data (social security number), that the only purpose for avoid Dell Inspiron 2200 confusion, not to cross into separate files and extracting data for other purposes [5].

What is your position on the use of radio frequency identification (RFID)?

At this point, the LDH position "hard" is when your finger SONY VGP-BPL13 in the use of biometric data, that is, techniques to identify people on biological criteria, we are entering a logical problem. First, for ethical reasons, because man is in his lower Dell Inspiron 2500 body biometrics to human dignity. Second, because this technology is clearly a problem of "tracing" of people: RFID chips are used in the identification, detailed monitoring of the activities and operations carried out by one person, even if it is not include the administration, why the departure course. It is simply a risk of drift.

It's like a wall against the big waves of the Pacific, as companies SONY VGP-BPS8 want to identify the instruments and control of employees, some people claim the time in airports and toll roads to save! What they do not see is that these biometrics help more than others, to create Dell Inspiron 3700 connections between data. This is less the fact that the file information that is contained frightening one. Sustainable and help to clarify the identification of the person to create secure connections between files, with subsequent use to which they have no control It's not a "Big Brother" that awaits us , but "Big Brothers ".

You can say that everyone SONY VGP-BPS9 has hundreds of times the only game of its normal daily activities. Of course, the real battle is ahead, to avoid the relationship between these files and data. It is in this context that the LDH fighting within the group DELIS (Rights and Freedoms deal with the computerization of society), the HP HSTNN-DB20 electronic identity card provided, INES (National Identity secure electronic). The bill, which will be adopted in June, aims to, mandatory - either directly or, more subtly, so it is essential - should contain a card with a microchip, readable contactless radio frequency, personal identifiers ( fingerprints and digital photography).

The problem is that the state will be good for us all is a biometric identifier, monitoring and reconciliation of all our electronic transactions (banking, tax returns, insurance, entertainment book, etc.) .. Under the pretext of facilitating the daily life, we run the risk of serious and irreversible damage to Dell Inspiron 500M Series privacy and individual liberties.

The argument that it is not also tell you if you have nothing to be ashamed of if you want more security, you can opt for no reason this kind of labeling?

With this language, we have created HP HSTNN-DB72 a society of suspects: it must prove not the accusers to prove the guilt of a person is not guilty! It must be very careful in reverse order, because it characterizes a kind of policeman of the company. In addition, the speech because fishing is the question, where is the limit: since you HP HSTNN-DB73 good citizens who have nothing to hide, the police should be able to go home, you can see how you live that listening to you host your bank account that you say look for taxes, etc.. If we test (for fun of course) should be regarded with people, how much they are willing to be transparent, "which have nothing to hide", you quickly realize that their determination is any substance, but show soon. Freedom requires that everyone has a huge SONY VGP-BPS9/B sphere of secrecy and confidentiality: and what it is.

As for the argument of security, it does not take long for Dell Inspiron 600M Series analysis. For example, when airlines were the Bush administration after September 11th compelled to disclose personal information on passengers (PNR records for personal names), the land will continue across the Atlantic, the European Commission given HP HSTNN-IB20 the green light - the decision of the European Parliament fought for this question. But the French government still does not know what is the relationship of the United States of PNR data. In short, sending personal information, you will quickly lose control. In addition, the SONY VGP-BPS9/S hope in the fight against terrorism has nothing to widespread surveillance of the population.

We are told that the Dell Inspiron 8000 techniques that INES be tight, is so protective of individual liberties. But recent history shows that a computer is made to be retained unbridled: Every time we installed a system of collection of personal data has already taken place. For example, ICT (Treatment of violations of the system) now lists all types of crimes and are available by people who are constantly on those that were originally defined just add: we abuse this SONY VGP-BPS9A system leads to victims of employment or housing saw prevented. The same trend is on the list of DNA (FNAEG, national automated genetic fingerprint) that originally reserved for sex offenders, and that the law Perben 2 of 9 March 2004 extended the most common offenders are visible. He is known as "light" version of INES to fear, we are moving gradually to the police much more on technological progress without the active support no doubt in a safe atmosphere is heavy and cumbersome. So we need against the strongest in the INES, for our freedom Dell Inspiron 8500M and the ability of future generations.


The most important trends in the development of computing 1950-2010

The history of mankind ever faster. 4000000000-year history of the planet, all known types of less than 100 million years, men are less than a million years, the oldest Dell Inspiron 1545 battery design on the wall of a cave 30,000 years . There are only 500 years has accelerated the invention of printing, dissemination of knowledge. 200 years separate us from the steam engine, which caused the industrial revolution. With 50 years young computer images. Yet what is a comparison between the first computer (50 tonnes, 25 kW, a few thousand memories, hundreds of instructions per second) with the Pentium (a few grams, 25 watts, 8-32 megabytes of memory, 100 million instructions per second). And indications are that exceeded in 10 years as the Pentium, the computer display first.

If it was invented, the computer was a laboratory curiosity. In the early 50's, a market research firm, estimates the global market celebrates fifty machines. Today show 200 million computers installed, it would be unthinkable without them in the modern industrial civilization. Since 1995, he sold computers Dell Studio 1555 Dell Studio 1535 in the world more personal than television. While the time taken to read this text, the number of computers connected to the Internet, the network of networks, increased by several thousand. As the computer has revolutionized the intellectual and economic activity has no equivalent in other areas. A purely static description of the techniques and results is therefore totally inadequate to understand the computer. A dynamic view of the major trends of evolution based is important to understand what is happening in the short term.

The Evolution of lightning equipment

It is the evolution of technology components for over 40 years plays a crucial role in the development of information technology.

Two events occurred almost simultaneously in the late 40's: In 1945 the invention of John von Neumann stored program computer, and the invention of the transistor in 1948 by three researchers at Bell Laboratories.

In 1945, John von Neumann (1903-1957) invented the modern form of the recorded program. In 1840, the program concept was introduced by Charles Babbage (1792-1871) as part of a calculating machine "analytical", it aims to achieve, but this machine was never built. John von Neumann introduced a refinement important to write in the same form and instructions for processing data and the data itself. SONY VGP-BPS13 battery Instructions and data have been well treated in the same way by the machine, paving the way for modern computing.

The transistor was invented in 1948 by John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley, three researchers at Bell Laboratories. At that time the only known way to amplify electrical current triode was invented in 1906 by Lee de Forest. The triode valve had allowed the development of telephony and radio. She was the major component of all electronic circuits. However, the triode SONY VGP-BPS9 battery was a fatal flaw: the heating filament which is energy intensive and whose fragile lives reduced to a few hundred hours. Systems could not be more than one hundred lamps if the reliability was becoming intolerable. By comparison, the transistor consumes 1 / 10 000 000 th anniversary of the energy needed to triode with a virtually unlimited lifespan.

The synergy between a new component a Dell Studio 17 Series battery and a new application of an explosive growth of the two has caused. Indeed, digital systems require a large number of components: a simple calculator takes 100 times more transistors than a TV. The Pentium microprocessor, which should serve as an example in this document 7,000,000 transistors. Memory for the data contains several hundred million euros. With so many HP Laptop Battery components, was the key to solving a problem that the number and cost for connections.

The costs of connecting

Of 10 francs on a connector, is the cost for 1 franc falls on a map and a millionth of francs in an integrated circuit. Since the early 60's, the strategy for engineers easy: select the number of components and connections in an integrated circuit, to reduce costs. In 1995, it is known to 7 million transistors in a Pentium, or about 18 million connections. With conventional methods, it would take 40 years for a cable network operator, the implementation of the 18 million connections. For miniaturization HP 484170-001 and integration into a single integrated circuit, this is done for a few hundred francs.

The size of an integrated circuit has changed little. The increase in the number of components is achieved primarily by reducing the size of the prints on the line (currently about 0.5 micrometers). This reduction has two effects on performance and costs:

Performance has improved steadily. The maximum HP Pavilion G60 battery operating speed of a transistor depends on the length of the electrons inside the transistor. More integration increases, improved performance and reduced size of transistors.

The marginal cost of producing a circuit is almost constant (a few dozen francs). The silicon raw material is abundantly available everywhere. The unit price of a circuit is determined by the amortization of research and manufacturing facility. HP Pavilion G70 battery Constant power, the cost of a microprocessor or memory every 4 years, divided by 10.

For example, in the early 1980s was a Cray supercomputer, processing 100 million instructions per second has sold 60 million francs. It took a large computer room and air conditioning. In 1996, is a computer that power is based on a Pentium 100 with the same storage capacity, the basic machine of the media to the general public. The price is about 10,000 francs, or 6000 times less than the first Cray This computer runs on a desktop computer without special precautions.

The exponential growth

The number of components per circuit is run very regularly, some components of the late 50's to millions today. In 1964, Gordon Moore, then director of research at Fairchild before the creation of Intel Corporation in 1968, the first to predict that the doubling number of components per circuit continue every two years, Dell Vostro 1720 battery as was the case during the 5. There was no significant difference in 30 years of this forecast,.

About one billion transistors per circuit?

Where are the limits of this integration even further? In fact, what is the maximum number of components that can be integrated into a circuit? To get an idea of this number, simply divide the surface of an integrated circuit for minimum area of a transistor.

The surface of an integrated circuit is a crystal of pure silicon. Given a reasonable probability that no faults, the maximum area of 10 cm2. However, this area can not be completely filled with transistors. We need to make room for connections. Today, we see that the average use of more than 10% Dell XPS M1210 battery of which we are a useful cm2.

The minimum length of a transistor is about 400 silicon atoms. This number is calculated by considering the embedded impurity in the silicon crystal. This transistor must be isolated from the two sides of a length corresponding circuit. The distance between two silicon atoms is 5.4x10 -8. The minimum length of the smallest transistor is 400x3x5.4x10 -8 10 -4 cm square giving a surface area of ​​10 -8 cm 2.

The maximum simplified this calculation is about 100 million transistors per circuit. In fact, some improvement, would limit the order of a billion transistors per circuit to increase. In 1995, we integrated five million transistors. There is a report of about 10 200 years at current rates, HP Pavilion DV6 battery which is a little slow to get to the end. The billions of transistors per circuit will be implemented in 2005-2010. This means that the integration process as we know, 35 years will continue for at least 10 years. Every 18 months, all things being equal, will double processor performance. Real computer revolution is yet to come.

And data storage?

The powerful computers of tomorrow will be useful only insofar as they provided large amounts of data and quickly accessible. The development of mass storage is as important as the Dell Latitude PP01 CPU.

On magnetic media, increased costs for storage of 10 000 characters of 150,000 francs in 1955 to 100 francs in 1980 and 1 percent in 1995. As a component technology, the technology has to store information in magnetic form during fantastic. The Danish engineer Valdemar Paulsen introduced the first magnetic recording at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Since then, the piano wire was replaced by magnetic material coated tape drives or hard plastic, but the principle of recording data have remained the same as in the device by Paulsen. An electric current can magnetize a small area of ​​magnetic material, Dell Latitude X300 battery which saves it.

The density of magnetic recording reached several million characters per cm2. As for the transistors, reducing the size of the magnetic field not only improves the density, but also the speed of reading data. Reading speed constant, the number of read data is larger. However, taking the decrease in the size of the magnetic areas to read the magnetic field strength. The limits of magnetic recording will soon be reached.

Fortunately, takes on a different SONY VGP-BPS13B/S battery technology. If the optical recording. The energy required to read is not stored in the media. A laser beam reads the data, the limits on the size of stored information. This technology has been used for the audio CD introduced in 1983. He knew immediately a great success and the records disappeared some years ago. The sound is digitized and recorded a CD series of bits. The ability of this material is 600 million characters with an error rate is extremely low if not corrected. This CD has been rapid in the world of the computer as a CD-ROM used to refer to the ROM (Read Only Memory), because it is not rewritable. Still images and digital video in particular require much larger capacities. World's leading manufacturers of the end of 1995 about the future standard CD-ROM, saved 6.4 billion of characters is a capacity ten times greater than Dell Precision M4500 battery for the same area will be accepted.

The first idea that comes to mind is to use light instead of electricity, the photon takes the electron. A computer could make photons at least 1000 times faster than a computer for electrons. However, we do not yet know the increase of light without using the electron. It remains to invent the "photon transistor" for one day hope to achieve photonic computers. Some devices are available and hope for a solution, but there is no sign of a very serious industrialization, it is very likely that we will continue beyond the year 2010 with the latest technology on the basis of electrons.

The biological computer is a dream as a writer of science fiction.

Sooner or later we have the HP Pavilion DV4-1000 power on the ability of a single machine. The solution lies in parallel architectures. Conventional computers execute instructions sequentially. Performance microprocessors, is introduced into a parallel execution of instructions. Without knowledge of programming, the processor to calculate the maximum results of parallel processing in line with the sequential nature of the program. In multiple microphones, however, the system consists of a network of identical machines to process various programs can run in parallel. We know when to use parallel systems to propose to solve the problem, of course, vector analysis or processing of image pixels. Apart from these few cases, the SONY VGP-BPS13A battery use of multiple microphones in legacy applications are not obvious.

However, we have an excellent model: the human brain. The speed of information processing base in the human brain is very slow. The SONY VGP-BPS13B/Q information is transmitted by an electrical impulse in the nerve cell. Between nerve cells, these chemical processes are used. The "processing speed" of the brain is a few hundred neurons per second. However, the brain is able to succeed in less than a second, highly complex operations such as face recognition. Today's computers come with the difficulty of pattern recognition to the cost of computer processing for very long. So we are pretty sure that the brains of about 40 billion neurons connected with a network structure, a Dell Vostro 1400 battery maximum of parallel processing is used. This analogy, we can provide the enormous reserves of power available if we can make better use of parallel architectures.

Telecommunications Development

Not so long ago, the phone was the only means of communication between people. Since the early 70s, computers can also exchange data with each other or the terminals. 7000000 Minitel in France, tens of millions of computers worldwide that Dell Vostro 1014 battery have used hundreds of thousands of servers connected to the Internet, causing an explosion of telecommunications needs. The exchange of data between computers must have the capacity and transmission speed is significantly higher than for the phone. It is therefore strongly increase the capacity of telecommunications networks.

After the invention of the transistor base in 1948 was another invention in 1958. Is the laser. With the laser and fiber optics, electrons from photons to carry information bits replaced. HP Pavilion DV5 Progress has been very fast and fiber optics have replaced copper as the telecommunications technology quickly. The son of the last trans-Atlantic cable laid in 1975, the construction of 10 000 simultaneous calls. The first fiber optic transatlantic cable in 1988, has an installed capacity of 40,000 simultaneous calls. The development of fiber optic technology is very fast. From 4500 BC to 60 years, the transparency of glass in a report, 10 000 have improved. On the other report was ₩ 10,000. A SONY VGP-BPS21A window of 10 km thick, with the best optical fibers would be more transparent as a glass window of conventional 1 cm thick.

What is the reserve growth in optical technologies? Current technology can even be compared to a factor of more than 1000 to expand by a factor of 200 microprocessors. It can happen in 25 years to get there, the potential for significant improvement in capacity and data rates up to 2020th In particular, it should be possible to cross the Atlantic fiber without repeaters.

As SONY VGP-BPS21/S battery electronic circuits, most of the costs for systems not in the cost of components, but the connection fee. Engineers increased the number of components per circuit, and not as an end in itself, but to reduce the cost of connections. The performance of the laser and optical fiber can be improved to reduce costs for the interconnection of which can be miniaturized to réduire.c


Advances in miniaturization, the pace of technological change equipment, but the speed of deployment of the software, determine what is important for the penetration of computers in all industrial and intellectual. The software turns the computer a tool, a HP Pavilion DV6-1001XX problem in theory, a tool to solve this problem, to solve in practice can be. The hardware is software, the instruments are to music. Leonardo da Vinci defined the music as "invisible." This definition is better suited for the description of the software.

During the flash equipment in the field, they were equally impressive in the field of software. 15 years after the definition of von Neumann architecture machines in 1945, almost everything had been invented and programmers are waiting for more powerful machines for progress. Convinced that as a reminder of the start date of languages: FORTRAN, in 1957, 1959, LISP, COBOL and BASIC was the 1964th in 1960 applies to the operating system was born. The functions available for a program in 1966 under the IBM OS 360 was essentially the same as now designed with the latest version of OS/390. The first version of UNIX was developed in 1969 and relational databases were born in 1970.

The first HP Pavilion DV6-1003TX computer programs were made by mathematicians and scientists, the work was simple and logical thought. The software has to evolve as more difficult than they had anticipated. Computers were tough. They continued to do what is not written what was planned. The result was a new generation of artisans took on the job. They were often not mathematicians or scientists, but they were deeply involved in a case with the computer, a forerunner of the new science adventure.

The development of programming languages

The idea of Dell Vostro 2510 ​​programming is as old as digital computers. Simply program directly with a computer in binary code in order to understand why immediately. The first programmers invented fast symbolic notation as a "language" in binary code of programs called "compiler" translates. Among the first languages, whose influence was certainly the Fortran 1954-1957 by John Backus and his colleagues at IBM developed. He was not at a time when the power of the machines was very limited, certainly, the compiler can generate efficient code. This goal was achieved and Fortran is still used today. However the original FORTRAN unnecessary restrictions, limited data structures and particularly serious deficiencies in the control of program logic. In a sense one can say that all research in the definition of new Dell XPS M1330 programming languages, by correcting the deficiencies of the tests were motivated FORTRAN.

What languages ​​have been reviewed by a committee such as COBOL, a business organization such as PL / I, Pascal, or as an individual defined by the Ministry of Defence as the ADA, all attempts to define the universal language so that the choice of thousands of languages​​, of which only a dozen are common.

Unlike hardware, no progress in software rather than a single technology or even come a dominant technology. For example, in the range of languages ​​that progress has control structures more programs, better development environments, programming tools more. Evolution is slow, but it is progress. After a few years, these advances are not considered improvements, but like new. But what is surprising that the old techniques do not disappear. Some of the Dell XPS M1350 program is still in the languages ​​which are known as Fortran or even 30 years writing in assembly language, while others consider these tools as living fossils. Charles V said, "I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men and German to my horse." To the men and machines, there is no ideal language.

User Interfaces

A program turns the computer into a tool for a particular purpose, is that the use or HP Pavilion DV8000T manufacture of an aircraft, a written document. The user interface is the part of the software that mediates between the user and the program. Once the user has to do the last part. Now it is the first. In fact, for novice users and experienced what he perceives is "his" computer. This illusion is a metaphor, which simplifies all built to explain the actions of the system or new shares. Noer need the basic work was done in 1973 by a team at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (XPARC) with the invention of the mouse and windows, the birth of the first commercial products such as STAR LISA in 1978 or 1982. Inefficient and costly, these products have been failures. In 1985, Apple Mac, the first product of success in the proprietary world in 1990, HP pavilion dm4-1000 Battery followed by Microsoft Windows 3.0 in the open world of the computer.

Most of the principles and equipment to improve this metaphor has become very common in software design. The most important principle was the WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get"): the image on the screen is still an accurate representation of the metaphor of the user. Manipulation of the image causes a predictable change in the state of the system or at least imagine the user. The elements of this metaphor, the trouble now the windows (Windows), menus, icons and a pointing device. The windows allow the simultaneous display on the screen of several activities. The menus you can decide the next steps. The symbols represent data objects as concrete. The pointing device, usually a mouse, windows, menus and icons.

All this has led to a new generation of interactive software based on metaphors to use this virtual reality in order to simplify the task of the user and to use, its HP G62-100 Battery ability to operate the program without resorting to abstractions or hidden programs to simulate. Software developers must take control of the theatrical context is used to create the illusion of reality in order to improve the user experience for the user.

The object-oriented approach

In procedural languages ​​(FORTRAN, COBOL ,...), language instructions are mandatory and are for a company that is not known, simply because there is only one option: the HP Pavilion DV8000Z computer as a whole. In object-oriented languages, the computer is virtually divided into objects that can be controlled individually. These objects can communicate by sending messages. This approach was introduced for the first time fired by Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard of Simula 67, a language Algol 60th The idea is not much interest, attracted by the development of Smalltalk in 1970 by Alan Kay and his colleagues the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. This approach has gradually extended in 80 (Objective C, C + +), and as such HP pavilion dv3000 Battery computer performance masked the inevitable inefficiency of the code.

In traditional procedural languages​​, the software is the chaining method, data types and algorithms contained manufactured. Object-oriented programming generalizes the notion of species, the combination of algorithms and data structures and objects from the functional decomposition of the procedural languages​​. This decomposition is replaced by inheritance, polymorphism and message exchange. Inheritance allows to define new objects from existing objects. The Dell Latitude D620 polymorphism can be independent actions of the characteristics of a particular object: print, for example, can be valid for both the text images to a printer in black and white or color. Instead of large blocks of programs containing clauses "if-then-else", contains a polymorphic object-oriented features of the program for solving the "if-then-else" during execution. This flexibility also explains the inefficiency on these languages.

However, inheritance and polymorphism, complex and prone to error than the traditional functional decomposition. Thus, the object-oriented approach provides little gain in terms of programmer productivity. However, this approach has other merits: it is in particular the concept of reuse. With reuse, the era of large IT projects, leaving more from scratch. Craftworks provide the software, Dell Latitude E4200 battery developers of larger systems are developed.

The most important trends in software production

The software is invisible to the fuel computer. They work without HP Pavilion DV6-1190EG computers or communication devices would not. Initially, the development costs for software development time, programmer productivity and program is not considered critical. After all, if a machine costs 10 million dollars, no matter if the software was $ 1,000,000? Similarly, if the life of the plant was 10 years, regardless of whether software development was under 2 to 5 years? But the flood of P.C. everything changed. Significantly reducing the Dell Latitude PPL battery cost of materials, the cost at the head of the software and especially the development of the material was so fast that software development could follow. To the question: "Is that the software is associated with the development of computer hardware, telecommunications and IT industry in general," The answer is not now.

How can we measure productivity software is a very controversial issue. If the point of function used by an IBM researcher has invented in the late 70's, Allan Albrecht, we obtain the following curve over the past 50 years.

As you can see, the learning curve was about 80% every 5 years for 50 years. It is unlikely that productivity has increased significantly in the coming years. Cobol programmers have 50 billion lines, which produces 80% of all software products since 1960. There are at least a million full-time HP Pavilion DV6T COBOL programmers in the world. These programmers are too busy to get to the installed base of COBOL programs to innovation. The next breakthrough in the software is used by small groups of programmers who do not come with Cobol. The volume of software is necessary for many potential new ideas, new SONY VGP-BPS10 approaches to programming and software engineering in general.

For the assembly of components?

The object-oriented approach has not yielded the expected productivity gains. However, there is a catalyst for the future of software development methods, play by the reuse of components. An element is not necessarily an object but an object can be a component. Components are encapsulated modules, functions and data. Create a new application will then select an existing structure and change the behavior of the component assembly. Is required for this technology, there is a market for components. In fact, no one will use the Dell Precision M4300 battery components if they are hard to find, expensive and unreliable. These components are now known as ActiveX OCX and VBX successor, applets or plug-ins. It is written in Visual Basic, C or Java. Electronic distribution of components is certainly an important role in the development of these techniques, how and when the rise of the Internet as a tool for electronic commerce.

Visual development tools

All visual development HP Pavilion dv5t tools, ranging from graphical interfaces to allow the program generators, productivity increases in a report, the range can be from 1 to 5, well above the predicted curve in Figure 3. These tools were initially scorned by "real programmers", supporters of C or C, but with increased productivity and easy to create or change, programmers "with the mouse" on the rise, if we judge by the opening of Visual Basic, including the development of enterprise applications. It would therefore not surprising that the basic tools of programming of the future on the basis of visual tools, HP G62-100EB Battery techniques, objects, and component libraries.

The Information Highway

With a world tour for four years, had Magellan (1480-1521) took the measure of the earth. The invention of the telephone by Thomas Edison in 1877, then to satellite television in the early 60's helped to shrink our planet. The HP G62-106SA Battery Internet now allows less than one second and nearly free access to any of the information contained in millions of computers worldwide. Information highway, multimedia, cyberspace, Global Village are the words of a phenomenon whose consequences of our culture so deeply that some do not hesitate to talk about the age of information, trying to describe the change.

In the early 80's, the convergence of telecommunications and consumer technology public network of computers with the Transpac Minitel in France has produced. With the digitization of sound from CD, CD-ROM with pictures and soon television, HP Pavilion DV7 is a new convergence of broadcasting in progress: the media and the enormous amounts of digital information. The metaphor of the "information superhighway" by Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, compares the movement of digital information such as the marked cars on the roads of traffic.

From the technical point of view, the information superhighway is more an evolution than a revolution continues. But the change in scale changes the nature. To see a movie between 2 frames per second or 20 frames per second, there is more than a change of scale by a factor of 10, there is the perception of motion.

The computer, the CD-ROM and Internet symbolize these developments with this equipment, we can connect now spread to several online information services around the world, beat the databases and knowledge necessary to obtain information their choice, write new documents, the barrier-free transmission distance or time.

The increase in SONY VGP-BPL9 computer performance can now convert each signal in digital form in writing, is sound, image or other than the human brain is capable of assimilating. Suddenly disappear are the differences in the processing and distribution between traditional media: paper, photographic film, radio waves, audio or video tapes can be scanned, processed and transmitted simultaneously on the same carrier said multimedia. The creation of highways is a natural extension of a broad and rapid dissemination of multimedia technologies. According to HP Pavilion DV6-1190EG Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet "at least 300 million people use Internet in 2000." What are the characteristics of Internet use and what the consequences are huge repositories of better information and knowledge around the world gathered in this room, all electronically, "cyberspace"?


Technically, the Internet is a global network connecting networks of SONY VGP-BPS8B computers together. It's sort of network of networks. Computers of all kinds can communicate and exchange information because they use a common communication protocol called TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).

Internet is the "netiquette" as a community of communities, which are described generates its own rules. In Internet culture, information as a resource open and free, it does not tolerate stress should be considered. Everyone should say what he wants to comply with the rules instead of HP Pavilion dv5z self-censorship by the authorities. One type of electronic democracy, where everyone is free and responsible.

There are four main reasons for the success of the Internet: The unique address, TCP / IP, universal service and universal communication costs low.

Assigns each computer a unique IP address of 32 bits (128 bits soon), commonly known as four 8-bit numbers written in decimal is written separated by dots:


The success of TCP / IP is its universality and simplicity. TCP / IP in the DoD (U.S. Department of Defense), independently of any developed or seller. The protocol of UNIX is in its infancy, which facilitated the spread is associated, Dell Vostro 1000 is now on all types of computers and offers total interopérabillité between different providers. Note that this interoperability was to have been achieved through experimentation as a way to standardize Committee for Standardization (ISO) is a dismal failure.

While most network protocols require a high level of service (addressing, routing and guaranteed bandwidth for example) to create the TCP / IP is nothing and leaves all the responsibility of the user. For example, the protocol does not guarantee the order of arrival of packets, or even to their extradition. The result is a network very easy to install with good performance. What could be a problem if the computer is less powerful, is now an advantage. The protocol uses only a fraction of the Dell Studio PP33L power of modern computers. The infrastructure network has a switching function. It is therefore independent of any application and can support diverse applications as file transfer or video conferences.

Universal basic services

Core Services available with TCP / IP contributed to the success of the Internet. The first service is of course the electronic mail (e-mail) as the unique address (@ one place), easy to communicate with the mobile phone, thank you. Services are terminal emulation most popular (Telnet, you can remotely connect to any type of computer), FTP (File Transfer), newsgroups (Usenet), Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Communication costs are very low

The network does not provide billing or service is its operating costs to the installation of switches as a "router" and strong links between these routers. The fixed costs of infrastructure are assigned to users requesting access to the stream. Each user can, depending on the level of service from his SONY VGP-BPS8 computer, monitor, manage, install, names and access control. This explains why the network can support such rapid growth. Each user adds additional processing required. This model, unlike the usual practices of telecom operators will in the coming years, substantial changes in the telecommunications world.

The World Wide Web (WWW)

This global group of interconnected computers accessible in less than a second, researchers have developed at CERN in Geneva, a system to simplify access to information. They built a hypertext system for linking text data and multimedia data on the amount of computers connected together as a single database and universal. Each Dell Vostro 1088 Battery document has a unique address global universal resource locator (URL) that can be referenced in each document. The success was immense. In 1996, there were already more than 30 million pages referenced with information in the public research systems such as Yahoo, Lycos and Altavista.

The key was the integration of hypertext, multimedia and all existing services into a single graphical display software for use with a single "click" the Dell Vostro 1015 mouse, the browser (browser). These are the links between all the documents that weave a global spider's web which gave its name to World Wide Web. The success of these browsers (Mosaic, Netscape,...) is inextricably linked to the success of the Internet and World Wide Web. This success is likely to grow. In fact, the language of the presentation of the results of these browsers, the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), the success of the World Wide Web reinforces a good chance of quickly explains the universal language of the presentation.

Around the age of information

It has long been a dream. The steady increase in Dell Studio 15 Series processor performance, progress in software development using object-oriented techniques and graphics, scanning images and sounds and techniques of signal compression, network deployment outlined by the optical fiber and satellite accelerates the outlines of a new landscape: the information society society. The company will be in the range of electronic channels or networks for the move in apartments, businesses, universities, governments, schools and hospitals, a series created by interactive services: messaging, video telephony, distance learning, consulting , bank details, teleshopping, television on demand, remote medical assistance ... drastically disrupt the lives of people and businesses.

The new HP Pavilion DV6000 battery information technologies also represent a cultural change forms of education and communication, whose heirs are the children of today. Access information on a screen and keyboard for the younger generation - Nitendo - second nature, so this operation is often difficult for adults. In education, students are increasingly likely with the computer as a real wizard that allows them to cultivate their knowledge at their own pace in all subjects.

Media out by the issue of written communication, as we understand it, since Gutenberg. The term is not so much where readers learn to navigate stored in a world of images and texts, the "click" on a word or image to almost instantaneous access to all HP Pavilion DV8000 information in one computers on the planet. Finally, the development of future networks will change the very functioning of society, such as changing the organization of work, provide citizens access to health care or education, relationship management practice / administration, or the conditions of democracy.

History shows that progress is spreading in waves. It is therefore reasonable to say that the company 21st Century will be shaped by information technology. The widespread availability of computers to a growing number of Dell Precision M6400 Battery users to increase creativity, which are generated for further progress. Today, computers can improve mental abilities as a relatively simple and routine did, but steady progress towards improving the capacity of analysis and conclusion. Like machines, improving physical abilities of the industrial revolution, people have created computers and increase their capacity for intellectual faculties of man, are the driving force of the current information revolution and misnamed. Odyssey Computing has just begun.


What is Internet from technical point?

From the technical point of view, the Internet is a global network connecting networks of computers together. It's sort of network of networks. Computers of all kinds can communicate and exchange Sony VGP-BPS13 Battery information because they use a standard communication protocol called TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol).

Internet is the "netiquette" as a community of communities, which are described generates its own rules. In Internet culture, information as a resource open and free, it does not tolerate stress should be considered. Everyone should say what he wants to comply with the rules instead of self-censorship by the authorities. One type of electronic democracy, Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery where everyone is free and responsible.

Today, more than 50 million computers in over 100 countries to exchange information on the Internet and their numbers at a rate of about 15% growth per month.

What are the reasons for the success of the Internet?

There are four main reasons for the success of the Internet: The unique address, TCP / IP, universal service and universal communication costs low.

Assigns each computer a unique IP address of 32 bits, Sony VGP-BPS9A Battery which are usually written as four 8-bit numbers written in decimal and separated by dots: These addresses are used in computer networks, in blocks of 16 million or 65,536,256 (Class A, B or C) affected. At the current rate, the address will be blocked quickly exhausted, Sony VGP-BPS9A/B Battery and 32-bit IP addresses will be replaced by a protocol with 128-bit addresses.

Person @ place: To simplify the work, these addresses as well known for the symbol of the e-mail to be written. Computers called DNS (Domain Name Server) to convert between the symbolic address and IP address.

Fri means the area of ​​France, Capgemini, Cap Gemini, the domain name.


The success of TCP / IP is its universality and simplicity.

TCP / IP in the DoD (Department of Defense U.S. government), regardless of vendor or systems developed. It is on all types of computers and provides full interoperability between different suppliers.

While most network protocols require a high level of Sony VGP-BPS9/B Battery service (addressing, routing and guaranteed bandwidth for example) to create the TCP / IP is nothing and leaves all the responsibility of the user. For example, the protocol does not guarantee the order of arrival of packets, or even to their extradition. The result is a network very easy to install with good performance. What could be a problem if the computer is less powerful, is now an advantage. The protocol uses only a fraction of the power of Sony VGP-BPS13 modern computers.

The infrastructure network has a switching function. It is therefore independent of any application and can support diverse applications as file transfer or video conferences.

Universal basic services

The basic service provided by TCP / IP contributed to the success of the Internet. The first service is of course the electronic mail (e-mail) as the unique address (@ one place), easy to communicate with the mobile phone, thank you. Other services are terminal emulation (Telnet, you can remotely connect to any type of computer HP HSTNN-W50C Battery), FTP (File Transfer), newsgroups (Usenet) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Communication costs are very low

The network does not provide service, the cost comes down to the installation of switches as a "router" and strong links between these routers. The fixed infrastructure costs are allocated to users according to the flow of Internet access is required. Each user installs depending on the level of service required to monitor his computer and DNS. This explains why the network can support such rapid growth. Each user adds additional processing required. This model, HP HSTNN-Q34C Battery unlike the usual practices of telecom operators will in the coming years, substantial changes in the telecommunications world.

And the World Wide Web (WWW)?

With this set of interconnected computers HP Pavilion DV4 accessible in less than a second, researchers have a system to simplify access to information developed. They presented a hypertext system for linking text data and multimedia data on the amount of computers connected together as a single database and universal. The success was immense. In February 1996, there were already more than 20 million pages of information referenced in the systems (Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista ,...) of letting users find what HP HSTNN-Q35C Battery they want to allow.

The three main reasons for the success of the WWW is hypertext, multimedia integration and integration of all existing services in one package, the browser.


Each word in the text, so that each element of a reference to a page with information about one of the millions of computers from the Internet. They were HP HSTNN-OB75 Battery Dell Studio 17 Battery, it was necessary to define a unique reference for each document. This is the URL (Universal Resource Locator). A URL is presented in the form:

Service: / / computer / parameters

The service defines the service access to information, the computer is the symbolic name of the computer on the Internet and the parameters defining the information page of the position on the computer. For example, the address of this page:

HTTP is the name of the new Internet service that was defined for the exchange of information between the pages of computers.

To describe these HP HSTNN-IB75 Battery sites independent of a particular system, defines a simple Hypertext Markup Language, HTML. These are the links between all the documents that weave a global spider's web which gave its name to World Wide Web.

The integration of multimedia

Each HTML page can on other sites or documents of any size, such as photos, videos or sounds. This opening of the tongue, it is ideal in the world of multimedia.

Internet Browser

The HP HSTNN-DB75 browser (or browser) is a software tool that simplifies the search and access to information. Each hyperlink is indicated by the underlined text or shown in a different color. The addresses of interesting sites may be stored in a folder for easy access later. All existing services have been integrated into the software. Images, sounds and videos will be automatically used by the software without user intervention. The success of these programs (Mosaic, Netscape, Internet Explorer,...) inextricably linked to the success of the HP HSTNN-C50C Battery Internet and World Wide Web.

How to connect to the Internet?

The situation is different for companies and individuals. For businesses, the easiest way to connect the local network of the company from a "router" to an ISP. All users on the LAN and permanent access to Internet. For individuals, the most economical solution, using a 28.8 modem, and is preferably a plug-service provider, Internet access offers. Finally, the best HP HSTNN-B071 Battery Dell Studio 1535 Battery solution for your network or ISDN cable networks, which offer better performance to use.

What are the advantages of the Internet?

The main advantages of the Internet, using a global standard on all computers. Thank you to the Internet, each computer has a unique address that it can communicate with all other computers HP Pavilion DV7 Series Dell Studio 1435 in the world. The network infrastructure is independent of a specific application that creates a common infrastructure for all applications. This infrastructure will be installed and operated by a much lower cost than other types of networks.


The growth of Computer Education and information technology

After a trip back in time on the history of the game with computer training, we can walk in space to see what it is, as far as we can tell the computer training in other countries, and finished third, with some thoughts on what is expected of IT in response to the needs of the school and student needs. This is my conclusion. In fact, too often, one wonders how "what computers can do for education?". However, HP Pavilion DV4 Battery it should rather ask: "What are the needs of education?" And from there, "he can do to meet those needs?".


I mention four phases: 1970, 1980, 1981, 1988. Note that in 1970 there were more than 15 years, half of the history of computing (1948: first computer in 1952: the introduction in France), still had the notion that computer science education,HP Pavilion DV6 Battery it is brand new !

Step One: 1970

This is the date of the OECD conference in Sèvres on "computer training in high school," the introduction of IT in education is thus placed in an international context. Read the report about this conference, we will: "Do computer education in high school would be to develop algorithmic students with the skills operational agencies." This text is certainly something for the event that I already canceled: not to ask, but "the computer at school something new algorithmic skills to bring him ..." "Is this the algorithmic skills students need it?". At the same time I found out that his view is not by a technical and cultural: we are in general skills students develop algorithmic operations be organized?HP Pavilion DV7 Battery And these skills can even against those who traditionally developed in the school.

In France, the ball will build on the rebound again by the Ministry of Education project manager is a computer Mercouroff Vladimir. It starts fairly quickly: in 1970 under the presidency of Georges Pompidou. This is the great period of development and modernization, we do not know Sony VGP-BPL8 Battery that we are in an economic crisis.

The discussion is "what the computer should be a new discipline, or is it that in the existing disciplines?". Create a new discipline, it is quite simple in theory: it creates a CAPES, aggregation, a general inspection program, inspired by research and higher education and they are taught. Do not make a new discipline, however, allows the computer to give all disciplines, but Sony VGP-BPL9 Battery it is unclear who is responsible, we do not really know what to do. It is therefore much more difficult.

But this second route is chosen. I think, for philosophical reasons, we do not want to train researchers in computer science in high school and, for practical reasons, we have not even imagined, the discipline, which he sometimes at the expense of history,Sony VGP-BPL13 Battery science, etc. modes.

We then define a plan limited but consistent. Since we introduced in all disciplines, we'll see how it goes, and to delegate to for most of the needs of education, the task of teachers. Have a couple of basic training for teachers, training developed by manufacturers and a year and four university centers, but also creates a slight formation by the CNTE. Education research is supported by the teachers of a cell of NPRI Sony VGP-BPL21 Battery data made ​​contact.

There is also the problem of hardware, difficult problem, because we have no current hardware. Of course, we have begun to document the conversations - they were connected to a computer console as a "mini" because it is less massive than the previous, but much larger than today's computers - but is relatively expensive. So we've managed to fit that 58 schools 1972-1976, it seems ridiculous now but at the time was an important experience. In addition, we have the idea, perhaps naively, was the computer can be performed without a computer, because after all, "the ability of the algorithms, operational and organizational" can be purchased through the writing of programs is absolutely necessary, without a machine. to run in theory, because in practice, no programs, no one now so naive to believe that this motivate Sony VGP-BPL22 Battery the students to write.

It eventually became a language suitable for different applications in education, in other words, a language for numerical computations, but also the work on texts: We invented the LSE, which still exists, is no worse than n others is is fairly well organized, but has the disadvantage that it limits Sony VGP-BPS8 Battery to education.

Sun from 1970 to 1976 a plan is fully compatible with a certain naivety, including a strong underestimation of the difficulties in the production of software, the computer also has a general underestimation of time: we n have "not yet understood how difficult it is not burning software but software that can be collected and used by others Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery.

Since 1976, the difficulties begin to appear: the difficulty to generalize, given the cost of equipment, difficult to assess, as in schools, things are very different here, computer club, the CAI etc. However, as always, I think, educational innovations, is the illusion that must be precisely evaluated before generalizing. However, the evaluation of what? What this means in an area as vast as the skills, "the organizers of algorithms, operational," because you can not put students under a cover that one team and these skills can be s' expect that there are other disciplines, other means to develop Sony VGP-BPS9A Battery them?

Not particularly some of the lessons learned from the original design, "is there to provide general capabilities," a tendency to EAO, in other words, a tool for teaching various disciplines. I do not take the word "change" in a pejorative sense, but even then, the EAO is not very good. I'm not saying otherwise has become, despite significant improvements have taken place. Maybe if it was not enough thinking about cross-fertilization between computer science on the one hand, and other disciplines. We are too quick to translate what was being done on a machine in the classroom. It is a very general through technology Information: whatever the area where it applies, begins with the attempt to make the team as we did before hand - what happened, for example, management information. Only later we realize that in carrying out this transposition, we impoverish and practices which is particularly true for Sony VGP-BPS9/S Batteryeducation.

These difficulties in 1976 led to a shelving system of this experience, we stop training for a specific year. Perhaps we should also say that it is reduced at this time of distrust comparisons of educational research, and secondly, the economic crisis Sony VGP-BPS10 Battery began budgets.

Second phase: 1980

Referring to the situation in the country and the world is the time of the first attempts to overcome the crisis and examine the possible role of information technology, not only in class, but the economy and society in general. IT is one of the factors that caused this crisis, because on the one hand the number of jobs because of all the automatic features reduced, but also because it transforms them and the work of monitoring the performance work,Sony Laptop Battery maintenance, design.

Along with this crisis and the economic and social change occurs in computer technology, the evolution of the material with the arrival of the microcomputer to say, operate a computer much less cumbersome, easier, cheaper and has no need for air conditioning, so we have a lot more accessible to the public HP Laptop Battery.

Coupled with this, the report says "information society" NORA MINC - by President Giscard d'Estaing in 1978, he asked, and the report of JC Simon, "Education and information technology in business" in 1980. These reports have socio-economic, cultural, unlike the Sèvres Conference: It's very important for the company, so you have to train the computer to make people the incentive to discipline a computer . The report recommends that a single computer SIMON-discipline: that is, take your foot against the choice that was made in 1970. It was Dell Laptop Battery then that a dispute between "computer-discipline" and was "computer teaching tools."

Note that if the relationship (1980) Simon insists on "computer discipline" process "10 000 computers" (1979) the first priority, the EAO! The conditions for the implementation of the action taken by the Ministry of Industry and especially the small percentage set aside for teacher training in relation to resources for equipment, which were abandoned at the time caused some discontent. Thus, universities have been the beginning of 1981 for training teachers, who in turn train their colleagues in institutions equipped, opened four times in three days. We still live largely the idea that the level of information for all Dell Latitude E6400 Battery.

Step Three: June 1981

The Minister Alain Savary blocks the transaction and the requirement of a report to Yves Le Corre and me. The report emphasizes the training of teachers. In 1981, thereby restoring a learning year, and gradually expanded into the middle of the Academy. Organize academic groups of trainers who still exist today. We also have a year of training for trainers and software developers should take a light side and a training of 100 hours for the user through the animation, but n is not proven. We have also emphasized that the projects come from institutions. It was not wanted on the computer, which means that schools know what they need from their computers means a parachute. So, after these decisions, Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery training should be diversified, for example, 100 hours, 50 hours and 50 hours more modular.

We also attempted to defuse the famous argument: "What is a discipline of computer science or a teaching tool is?" He said: "This must be one and the others must be mutually supportive." The side of a computer-discipline, we have a way to a second computer classes, and the first terminal, which is controlled by a National Science Committee. It is also advisable to introduce computers at all levels of secondary schools in the LEP, which have not been reached, in particular, until we more cautious about the introduction of Dell Studio 1535 Battery information technology in primary schools.

Our recommendations for the production of software has been implemented only partially. This decision was based on the ideas of teachers and to develop a body of industrialization: the CNDP has played this role, however imperfectly. Also were not followed, when we stressed the need to develop Dell Studio 17 Battery educational research.

The spirit of the report is a gradual process and reflect the collaborative spirit that prevailed in the Ministry of Education in 1981 and during the few years that followed. This idea of ​​progressive and reciprocal comparison, but a number of people protesting, "the school is delayed, there is enough information." Meanwhile, falling prices continues, the development of information technology at home has been explosive, provided the computer, the nano-computersDell Studio 1555 Battery or PCs. In 1983, the ministry announced plans to introduce 100,000 computers in the size and shape 100 000 between 1983 and 1988.

Step Four: 1985

In 1985 he confirmed the information for the computer to do the location and mass training of teachers, but with the decision, at once and everywhere. Perhaps more naive to believe that the most important thing we can be sent equipment and short courses for teachers, the only products, although the facts HP HSTNN-Q35C Battery would have been paid.

It was reasonable to decide to equip all schools at once? Would not it have been better efforts in education, higher education, such as better teacher training and develop more reliable devices to concentrate? If the TPI plan provides some reservations, but it is very positive, especially networking, educational resources HP HSTNN-IB75 Battery could be better used.

For the present and the future, it is difficult to assess because they are considered unclear. I have some concerns when I say that, in addition to the hearing of certain types of computer use, is not good. This is wrong and is not the role of government to close the doors. Organizing a competition of ideas seems a little naive software "to the point HP HSTNN-C50C Battery where we are today.

II - Computer training in other countries

It is not easy to talk about. The first problem is the extraordinary diversity of situations. And "especially in Western Europe and North America, which was developed in computer training. In Eastern Europe there are very important projects, especially in the Soviet Union, but has spent his intentions. In developing countries some thoughts and a lot of needs, but the computer may seem like a call while using modern techniques, "if there are no teachers for machines pointed in their place," the difference HP HSTNN-OB74 Battery is better prepared teachers.

In countries with our fellow humans, and there is a second difficulty, the design of the educational system is decentralized to the rule, and there, especially the United States and Canada, a variety of situations. Started in most countries, local initiatives and only then. When we realized that this local initiative are not completely satisfied, was correct in their plans. Decisions are usually made of school districts and the state is managed and to help. In France, but has worked in the opposite direction, but in the end there HP HSTNN-DB74 Battery is a certain convergence.

Another characteristic of these countries, disciplines, different roles, which seems to play here, are not separated. And 'perhaps easier, a computer, which is often linked to the mathematical discipline, because no matter the same impact on creating the body of teachers and hours. So we have more than back home, the choice of a computing discipline. But with a number of countries, like Denmark, for example, this election is conducted once more with a computer in different disciplines HP DYNA-CHA-LOC Battery.

Most countries have high school came, as is the case with us, are generally much less in the first phase, we have developed. But with the high school and leave it at that, means "no data collected during the school," and also "the computer is an elective course, is" usually in order to ensure over time, a compulsory subject .

Most countries have high school came, as is the case with us, are generally much less in the first phase, we have developed. But with the high school and leave it at that, means "no data collected during the school," and also "the computer is an elective course, is" usually in order to ensure over time, a compulsory HP NH494AA#ABA Batterysubject .

In the United States and Canada, there are many things, but not much more at home (50 students per computer in the United States, Canada and 44 in France 60-70.) There is also a very open market tutorial, where there are all the products, the products of high quality behavioral. The purpose of education is perhaps less formal, more empirical France and the external qualities, including the graphics are slightly better than ours. Note that some fear has been expressed recently seen on teachers and students as guinea pigs for the industry in the United States. As regards the training of teachers, it seems less developed: the quality of teachers is highly variable, much less homogeneous than in France, HP KS525AA Battery not always easy, the introduction of IT.

In Europe, France seems to me now in a better position for the expansion of IT at all levels of education, development of equipment and teacher training. The only comparable country is Great Britain.

In Great Britain, decentralized, the decision to include institutions, government support and equipment where the equipment is broken only at national level, there is a definition of training opportunities for teachers and the relatively important role in production of teaching materials. On this last point that Britain is ahead of us exercises in 2000 in Europe, in England in 1200 and 700 were developed in France. We focus perhaps too much on the years of "Q", "communication skills", while the British of tools such as simulations, HP HSTNN-OB75 Battery exploring a variety specialist.

Other European countries, who thought well in Germany and Switzerland, which represents less than in France. The Netherlands also spend some interesting things.

But almost all governments now think about the contribution of information technology, would be the most spectacular, mainly because they are facing economic problems. And "perhaps some" weak. It is useful to summarize the various aspects of computer science at the school and the results of computer interaction and HP HSTNN-DB75 Battery education.

III - The various aspects of the introduction of computers in education

First calculation of vocational training

There is a big part of today's debate: it was fast. I limit myself to two observations.

The first flow settings, the computer is, as elsewhere, the rapid increase. Fold-and H, for example, has less meaning than the immediate recruitment of businesses. Even with technicians (BTS or DUT), began to be a saturation of the market. It will likely take the train more professionals in HP GA06047 Battery Bac Bac +4 or +5.

The second: the computer is part of the competence of most jobs, if 'answering machine or production costs. There is no doubt that all exchanges are now more or less one-dimensional data.

2 What role can information technology in education?

It is often said, "We all need to know the computer because the computer is everywhere." I must say that this speech, not a modernist, slightly triumphalist "be completely unassailable. After all, the automobile and printing are everywhere, yet in general education, not learning to drive, or printed HP KS525AA#ABA Battery books.

But it is a bit "more to the computer that the agent of thought and action. It's very important that everyone has an idea on "how to use" computers. But this does not happen by itself and the example word processing clearly indicates that it is not with this type of software is very difficult, but he needs their way of thinking about the text of a nonlinear , to refine their plans, both a change or two levels, but n-tier ... "Learning" that the efficiency requires that teach our young people, and when I say in a situation where they want to know how and see and learn the tricks for future generationsHP HSTNN-Q34C Battery they need.

So everyone should learn "computer users" and that we need to invent much. In these words, I know I can not teach teachers to teach what you do not do things by halves, and especially to offend. But such software, you need to learn them without knowing exactly how they are made HP HSTNN-IB74 Battery to be used.

Take the example of data analysis: its use in history or economics, especially the Academy, shows that students learn, such as software, without commitment, show the back, answer! It seems to me that this type of learning a bit Systems, a small "black box" is of paramount importance. We need these things without teaching them to analyze in depth, and it is this idea that technology brings more than science: learning to use tools to analyze HP GA08073 Battery, without details.

This is an objection not refuse to hand. Could not a requirement, the student goes too far in that direction, reflecting the state of the machine? It depends on the type of software used. Do not use the student machine but the machine is included in the development of the student: it is a means of SONY VGP-BPL9C Battery training.

3 What are the needs? Computers can help you do it?

The needs are for the most part born of the computer and all the "mint", as it requires to cut jobs or work in progress to replace the work of another kind (surveillance, maintenance, design ...) , other qualities: concrete abstract change, teamwork, responsibility and autonomy. All these qualities are not necessarily those we give to the school, SONY VGP-BPS9B Battery in most cases.

The big challenge - the training process and increase the level - refers to a profound social problem: our society can withstand the rise in unemployment, life, the fact that thousands of people would not have steady work throughout the working life? If we do not tackle school failure at the beginning, I do not think many of our society: it is the primary need of our SONY VGP-BPS9/B Battery instruction!

What are the ingredients of failure? Of course, it is often said, "social". Yes, but the ingredients of cognitive errors can observe three things:

Delay in the development of manipulative skills in written language;

a lack of autonomy and ability to solve problems;

Closely linked to the previous lack of motivation.

3.1. Computers and motivation

Here I can be formal: See all the experiences that are the introduction of information technology in schools is a huge change in student motivation and failures of students of modest means - often the same thing elsewhere! - There are three reasons for this;

the computer to be modern is useful in itself;

It is a task that can be controlled, and students who can not, when the opportunity to have something or someone?

Finally, with the computer and, above all, the fault changes its character: There is a moral failing of the term - the very term "disorder" is significant - but an error is discovered and you can easily correct it leaves no material trace.

The problem is to keep the motivation up. This interest is fully connected to the activity and independence of the student, so the type of exercise. If you tutorials, just type the words in holes, it is likely that the motivation to disappear quickly.

Another problem is that motivation to transfer to other disciplines? And "closely related to joint activities that will be run by students related. Do not be shy at first, carry out activities that do not like school, games, for example, that students may have to take this strong motivation, the machine in hand. And we play to develop specific skills, and gradually, if possible, be taught to students in exercises related disciplines. This is a good way to do this: Insert the disc games and educational programs, students have been displayed in the menu to do all that is in many cases, you can find SONY VGP-BPS9A/B Battery the curiosity to go.

3.2 Data processing and written language

Start looking for: students under control, often have difficulty in relation to written language, oral language, is generally not very different from the knowledge of students succeed. Why? What is the difference between written and spoken?

Writing is something that is outside of the writer and the action ever since. One of the things that are missing for students in chess is the feeling that focus on the text and it will be interesting to see that the text is not something you write and what they do not touch, but also something that looks and distance from the action. What is often missing in the failure of the pupil is the distance to language: it uses language to communicate to act wisely. In fact, to be by traditional means, the results of any action removes the text and start over, this is not motivating SONY VAIO VGN-SZ95S.

It seems to me that the computer can bring a lot. It is a tool, including word processing, which converts a text that do not pursue this. You can move a paragraph, correct spelling mistakes without a copy. Traditionally, the only tool we can to our students, the design of the book: they can not even fix only twenty! How to build a text from a plan can be refined if we do a level, but the plan, which refines and refines, is it possible, with the usual means, then it is much more possible with the tools for word processing. This is all to do more, with tools that do little that could search tools and organization of ideas, to work the way you want your students to work, which is top-down and refine their SONY VAIO VGN-SZ95NS ideas.

3.3 The data processing and reading

The problem of reading materialized, first at kindergarten and primary school. We know that even here there is a delay of a social nature: all families have the same familiarity with Scripture. We have not in all families, as many books as we do not read the children, we do not show them how many words. But before learning to read, it is clear that we already know something about the reading activity. You do not learn to read if you are not the idea that we read from left to right (in our country, at least ...), there are words, they are separated by spaces. .. All things that seem obvious and are not for children who are not familiar with writing SONY VAIO VGN-SZ95US.

The computer can do something to this reading activity is to add text, that is, combining the sound and combine it with writing? I think so. Motivate invent solutions. As they stood on a computer screen a list of four words, and if the child has any of these words or drawing relevant computer to play music, or any other action related words. Four words, this is nothing more than four orders, you will see the motivation and the association wrote to the importance, for here the importance of SONY VAIO VGN-SZ94US action.

If the sound that I think in a few years, we have computers in classrooms will make the speech of acceptable quality, and we can use the sound aspect of the room.

Write from left to right: if the student gives his command on the keyboard, then it will fit on the screen from left to right. If the order consists of two words, he will see that we found a room: say operations. And when I said that we learn by doing, I hope I have shown that there are many ideas which allow the reading of an action you will not be so easy with the usual methods of SONY VAIO VGN-SZ94S learning.

3.4. Computer-assisted learning and reasoning

It is much more difficult. In particular, it says a lot that "it is the programming of the argument." Currently, no serious study has been conducted, and the reason is probably that capacity building does not make sense in a few tens of hours. However, experiments are performed on a very short time and then it is very difficult to prove anything. There is some plausibility to the contribution of IT to the development of thought, but I will not go beyond SONY VAIO VGN-SZ94PS.

In some cases, it is not a danger to even want to skip steps too fast? There is interest, write, such as the reduction of programming to observe the existing program, simple and complex programs. The official instructions of 1985 were a little scary - programs on average, for example - they have the potential to further the gap between students with an appropriate logic capabilities and those that do not have to. So I recommend some caution. Even the logo - - before you would be very fast, in elementary school, kindergarten, I like to consider what capabilities it is in children.

3.5. Computer. Autonomy, problem solving

The computer is in agreement with a student activity, and learns that by the activity. However, the quality of training material and how it is integrated into the education system is of utmost importance SONY VAIO VGN-SZ94NS.

Take the example of the first exercises in the behaviorist tradition: it was about reflexes (stimulus - response) to develop, by the arrangement that the answer is almost always right, because the theory is not actually increase reflex. These tutorials are not always useless, but not to the idea of ​​structured learning that meet building through activeSONY VAIO VGN-SZ85US exploration of students.

Instead, use the exploration of the software. what some call "micro-worlds." For example, in mathematics, you got to university, must learn to transform expressions, factoring, developments, etc.. It is both a nature somewhat reflective, but also exploratory. What is the normal way to learn at school? Is to analyze in detail all that - we teach the commutative, associative, and so on. - What is it permissible to justify more complex transformations. So we have to solve equations, for example, and then learn, in desperation, it means the end of the year "They make a number of members in a different and changing signs" that tell you the recipe SONY VAIO VGN-SZ85S.

I think the other way should be considered: the computer can help you through different levels of change, much less complete, more analysis to justify the transformation of higher level previously used. So where a computer could completely renew its pedagogy.

IV - Conclusion

Finally, the computer does most of the need to reflect on pedagogy and the possibility of teaching much more diverse. No wonder: When we introduced the numerical calculation by computer, he questioned the methods of calculation when it was introduced in companies, this has led to management practices and work organization to check SONY VAIO VGN-SZ85NS.

As long as there are tutorials on how to implement the role of the teacher, we gain nothing. A computer is much less intelligent than a professor, it is often said that in the brain, there are 10 power 10 power 14 or 15 bits, then a very large hard drive, there are 10 billion euros. Basically, a professor of brain 100,000 times more powerful than a computer. And that's not all! Do you think the student does not understand, it's really not in the field of smart SONY VAIO VGN-SZ84US sensors.

We are winners, however, when we invent new ways of teaching situations. The student is now possible in two situations: either it is in a class with 30 friends, and many can not speak or act, or he is alone with his card, and it receives no response! Trying to invent intermediate situations: for a student or a small group of students. The attempt to build software to help in this situation. Then the computer SONY VAIO VGN-SZ84S has its full effect.

This is not necessarily easy to measure: either we determined the "derived cherry" or things evaluate many factors to rule out any scientific assessment. What should I do? Many experiences that attract a fairly plausible. you do things, the exchange SONY VAIO VGN-SZ84PS is really, as we move forward.


What’s the tips of do’s and don’ts when using battery

1: Replacement battery:

The one I used was sent to me by mobilefun: HTC Battery (37.73 €)

This is obviously an example of HTC and mobile for those who have some ability to cause others is a small "plus" or, as here we have a 1600mAh instead of the 1400 original. This means that if the phone is used 1600milliampères, the battery will last an hour. If it half (800mA) is consumed, it will take about 2-times more logical: 800mA * 2h = 1600mAh.

The new battery, HP Pavilion DV4 Battery is more in practice than 1/7th of origin. (Let's say 40 hours instead of 35 "classic" of a well used phone)

I must admit that I unfortunately do not have the ability to test under optimum conditions, after close to him on a date for my departure. I have not really had the opportunity to give it time to load properly and a few rounds of "shaping" and a few days after my return, I see no significant difference. The current owner's desire I feel very satisfied and confirms that it seemed to have more autonomy. Unfortunately I have no details.

Reminder: You were often enough repeated in Part 1 of this chapter on batteries, so as to avoid good Chinese batteries on Ebay. It will certainly miss many of the components of protection, rather good battery standards: The price range is usually between 30 and 40 € depending on model. Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery

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2: External battery:

So I had the opportunity to test more:

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1800mAh Battery Solariflex: 29.99 Euros

Proporta Battery TurboCharger 3000: 34.95 Euros

Proporta Battery TurboCharger 5000: 51.95 Euros

8000mAh Battery Maisonsumobile: 119 Euros

Some pictures over to assess their respective sizes and compared to some phones (Alcatel OT-980, Sony Xperia X10 Galaxy and S)

My general feeling: This type of device is great because you can refill when desired and without turning off his phone. We do not use that if necessary, when the phone is stowed in a bag or pocket. No need to remove the battery cover and turn off the phone as a backup battery! There are so many benefits for me. Operation is super simple: They charge by USB, such as a phone (read more careful because they feed mostly Mini USB) and have a USB port similar to our computers and HP Pavilion DV7 Battery

We will start by studying the costs and bad:

Fail # 1: All cables must be provided with the magic multifunctional and universal. Well, it's a nice review *** testicles, because they work, these cables are an incredible source of bad contacts. At first I thought, trying the first was defective, I then tried the second gave me the same result. Every time I charge the phone on the table with a towel under the top. Without this precaution, the contact is not made and it was free. Unfortunately, over time, it seems to twist the two ends of the USB phones have the strength to move in any direction to make electrical contact and a load. It drove me crazy and I can tell you that you walk with your own cables. Forget those provided with, believe me!

This is the biggest drawback that I blame them.

Fail # 2: All phones are responsible for the micro-USB, except for the hero irreducible and others ... All of these batteries are free .... Mini USB. To program or 2 cable adapter on the road: one for charging the mobile and recharge the battery. Court purely useless and I hope it will be quickly corrected in the next generation of batteries, Dell Studio 1535 Battery.

The positive side of each and recommended:

HTC Battery: not recommended. Too big for his ability in comparison to others.

Solari Flex Battery: With a small LED flashlight built, this battery is ideal for everyday use because it is really small, small flashlight can still help. Its 1800mAh, more than enough to recharge a phone number to return (a little tight for the X10 1500mAh, there is some loss) and lost in the jungle less than a week is what I recommend to all.

Proporta Battery TurboCharger 3000: We're in the upper range of size and skill level. The price is not much higher than its little brother Solari Flex, but it is less immediate, because a little bigger. Its size is still small (size of a cell phone) and two from the average of Mines in May May for those who need a little more energy to be used. A You know your needs.

Proporta battery TurboCharger 5000: We ascend a notch in price and performance! But it also offers the luxury of a second USB port. Particularly useful for the iPhone, a charging current greatest need! For example, the IPAD can not be loaded with some MacBook laptops, and I think I would also say, without being able to test it, not by the batteries "simple" calculations listed below. Feel free to provide feedback when you use your iPhone on the other phone can. Thus, we can charge two devices simultaneously. May be useful for camping, a lot.

8000mAh Battery Maisonsumobile: The Queen of the laptop battery. Dell Studio 1735 Battery, It is clearly oriented laptop, and she gave me 4 refills phone without flinching, and he still seemed to remain just under half load. Unlike the others, it will not charge via USB and requires (of course included adapter included) support the industry. Consume significantly less independent and more mobile than others. But the burden of these three devices simultaneously! For big eaters only electricity, but a must if you live in the jungle with your laptop. I also thought about this course, students in the classroom with their netbook for taking notes. I saw a lot of questions to the user in the class with a PC which is in arrears. Get with this toy, no need to back of the room near a power outlet.

3: Mix the external battery - solar panel:

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Too bad, because it was on paper, he is my favorite level and portability of the program.

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What will internet be in the coming future?

The first social networking services on the Internet was the initial promise, as defined in the connection of people by the people of the need or situation to be supported. Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery
In the original form of self-help groups, patients with the disease in the same forum to find precursors of these services. Commit the United States in 1995, one of the first networks, "friends" can, once again with his fellow education. "Black Planet" and was founded in 1999, deals with the African American community. "Friendster," launched in 2002 is to connect with friends of friends for the promotion. Online "MySpace", in 2003, the new generation of American freedom to seduce with a pseudonym and musical direction. "Facebook" is finally born in 2004, in its origin, limited to a few universities and the academic community and a network, as a result, students in their true identity. E-mail. Edu has been necessary for the connection. 
In Asia, from the Korean "Cyworld" in 1999, bringing the younger generation who are in the form of avatars. In Japan, "Dizzy", founded in 2000, recruited by invitation, promote the formation of a homogeneous network. Chinese "Renren", founded in 2005, focuses on the student community - with more than 160 million subscribers - in the trade nickname.
In Europe, "Skyrock" launches social network of blogs in 2002 and leads, such as radio, the new generation of free expression and is the leading French and European level. "Been there" was born as a pseudo "Hyves" in the Netherlands, in 2004, and "kill", launched in Spain in 2006 for life, is by invitation only. Sony VGP-BPS9A Battery
Even before the Internet and the Web, the first virtual communities come together through the networking of computers: in 1979 on "The Source" and "The Well" from the year 1985, "Prodigy" in front of the expansion " , Compuserve "and" America Online ". 
The rare use of the visibility poor, the cost and difficulty of access made the first endogamous networks, high-minority and specialized. They met hours before the first promise of social networks on the Internet from home.
"Facebook" is to make a radical choice to leave that in their self-imposed by the gradual extension of its members, what it is today: the world's first social network in real-life identity with more than half a billion members. 
The result is fantastic: it is a mutant hybrid between the micro-economic impact of globalization and the world.
When "Facebook" is originally planned an academic community, where in one place - the campus - and immediately recognized - the students - are consistent work, relationships and leisure activities, and without a past, requires all its users find the unity of identity in a relational and dimensional monocontextuel network: family, work relationships, friends from different phases of life and activities come together in a single page, without distinction. SONY VGP-BPS13B/Q Battery
The experimentation and identity development of young people do not have their place. The complexity of relationships and the heterogeneity of the contexts of socialization of an adult - is - is not included.
Consequently, the distortion in the service of meaning of "friend" in one word, no shades, but subtle realities intrinsically relational and compacted with their situation than their stories. 
How, then a reductive conversion of life was untenable, because it would attract the greatest number?

Initially, the first use of "Face Book" unbelievable. Within moments, all your knowledge about the life and appear to offer combine. Once accepted as a friend then the other, we enter the lives of these relationships, how come you can imagine. It is a revelation.Sony VGP-BPS13B/B Battery
The service is great and innovative addition: the message from your circle of friends is now constantly updated and everyone sees it as the center begins to play and have fun and rewards of publishing stage to be quickly rewarded by the reactions of others.
Site traffic and time spent by the users also offer the service at any time quantitative responsiveness to compete with some pages if necessary.
E 'for use as a difficulty. The circle of friends, the extension force, where everything is a mixed crowd in a mess and can not be undone. Simplify the binary relationship - friend or not - leads to a decrease of vague acquaintances digital privacy that we return to keep to keep them for an indefinite time. Infinite gradient and altering the delicate fabric of our relationship has been through the mill and Boolean, a thick book and walked away.
In subsequent experiments, it appears that the first circle of friends is, in fact, a public place, and everyone does it too late.
More trade is true, is rather limited. What do I need to say more than 5 friends to share, that all is well? And 3000? The term itself is reassuring service to the banality of our conventional characters.
Recognizing this, the service has a range of fifty to privacy settings by the user, make the compromises among the more than 150 options needed to manage development.
Are given the opportunity to turn the device for each publication in which you can select the recipients. It takes time and patience are part of the arsenal, intentionally or not, be confused and dissuasive.Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery
Add that to the collateral damage of abuse can be dramatic and the "Friends" may be denied by the establishment of specific information is obtained, with the consequences that we imagine.
This complexity, that three-quarters of users do not change, or more, the default settings that can develop and be automatically by the service about every six weeks changed.
Finally, "Facebook" makes the owner of the personal data that he and the guard to his advantage in the last instance of Sacramento, the capital of California. It is the largest export market in the intimacy of all time and is done voluntarily by millions of users around the world with an incredible naivety. Some of them are, the attempt to get your subscription, which is not easy, but the change to cancel most of their use.
So, back to nature to find social networks, users create a lot of "Facebook" is a second profile under pseudo, to one or more of its better protection. But before the machine and provides you faster than you would have thought, friends your true identity. And sometimes, sent directly from your new profile. To combat the virtual identity service, especially if they are exposed to by others.
User behavior evolves burned. Abandon the concept and make intimate and "quick", their own digital identity for all to see and reach it as a vector of their positive presence in the network, a meaningful way and can be achieved. The service is used, shows the remarkable efficacy of weak bonds to foreigners and to transfer information with similar interests.
And users will therefore find on other networks, control and responsibility for their private lives, or to publish in the pseudo closed shop and not merely reproduce the distinction between the public / private sector, the founder of the individual in democratic societies.Sony VGP-BPS21 Battery
A service, dissatisfaction, clever algorithms, the presence of people with whom they frequently exchange, so that the illusion of privacy for as long as possible is counter.
The transaction, which is the facilitation of trade relations with friends and family against an unprecedented amount of private information is hidden initially painless, but more and more dangerous over time.
Whether you start the negotiation of a loan to take out insurance for a place to be involved in a court case, I do not doubt that this information is personally honest, approved when, will probably be used against you, and interpreted by attackers .
"Facebook" is trying to make a mistake? It is the "Friendster" of 2012 and subsequent years? No, probably not, because his approach suggests not only a strategic vision for growth, but also and above all the metamorphoses.
In biology, the metamorphosis is a radical change of form, the organization of an organism during its development. The type of Internet companies, based on the plasticity of the computer code and free access to the network, giving them the ability to change easily.
So "Facebook" is closed in its current hybrid social networking / open is only one step. As the social network was an early student of the service. To understand, to understand this transformation to social networks, we need your project in the future.

Social networks, whether sectoral converge, generations, or four universal functions.

The first function is the socialization of research

An index of search engines the words of all sites that are accessible pages and class, on which these words, when a user requests it. The fabulous success of Google is required to have discovered and translated into computer language, the relationship between the importance and popularity. The more links pointing to the page where the search, the more likely that the page contains the expected response.

The combination of this engine, a system of auctioning of keywords for the insertion of advertising links, Google has an extraordinary efficiency of parallel search and advertising services.

The effectiveness of Google is its ability of indexing and relevance of the results. If a social network as "Facebook" is to restrict access to the indexing of pages to generate a large volume of pages and links, it takes the engine a significant portion of its working basis

However, it appears that the ranking algorithms of search results of social networks better suited than the popularity of incoming links, then a possible alternative to the results of the omnipotence of the dominant search engine.

Have a social search engine individually and the results of your investigations, for example, responses to questions and answers from your "friends" are selected. It indexes your pages and the Internet while competing indices "that" the common Internet. Assuming that the social engine results are reasonable, there is real competition in the sense of fairness and method.Inspiron 1545 Battery

Already, the search engine from Microsoft, "Bing" with a "Facebook" to socialize the results. It is likely to do in the future to be difficult without the social dimension, the best answer to each and do not deliver as the traditional engine.

The second function of the transactions.
A social networking service is a virtual state, under the supervision and control of the owner who makes the laws in use, is translated into machine code, which ensures the application. The service is of course the security functions of the government and police, which prohibits capital punishment for virtual social network.
In this state context, the service is needed to create their own money initially developed in games in general, then moves in cooperation with the advertisers. The virtual currency is designed to benefit real convertible currency in the provision of attractive games has become. The currency may finally be the transactions between users and, in addition to actual transactions. 
In fact, the Ministry of Economy in the power of collective buying power of its members, it controls access to the service.
Who says the government said the tax. This takes the form of a levy on all transactions between the merchant and service provider members and between members themselves. The service combines social networking features and the income of the credit card, the buying group and the state.
In addition, so that each service transaction information on the behavior of users access offers more attractive to advertisers and others. 
If a buyer goes online an average of € 1,500 per year and if the site is 0.5% for every transaction, there is an income of € 7.5 per user. To multiply by the number of users who buy ... Please note: the "App Store", the online store for mobile applications and computers from Apple, is the commission for the sale of 30% of each application.
The objective of the social network is to collect as many of the identity of real people come to their database - in anticipation of starting their own bank, or licensed - and thus the maximum number of virtual stores and services within network.Dell Inspiron 1526 Battery
The third function: telecommunications.
A member of the social network reported € 3 per year in advertising revenue. To "Facebook", with 600 million members, it provides nearly $ 2 billion in annual sales. A mobile subscribers, meanwhile, reported an average of € 30 per month, or about € 300 per year: 100 times. In both cases, the double-digit margins. The objective of the social network is to capture much of this margin at the top of the value chain of telecommunications. Where is the value? Is to control the customer relationship. The customer purchased the game for service providers and suppliers are turning to the downstream controllers interchangeable margins under pressure. 
The two most important means of control is the phone number and billing.
The phone number, it can by the name of the profile of a social networking service will be replaced. First, the profile of a mobile phone number, which is the base and not directly in the address book. Subsequently, the number of disappearing completely.Simply touch the image of the person who installed at the intersection of contact network social applications on his mobile terminal, without ever having to select the phone number, or even know to be connected. HP Pavilion DM4 Battery
Second, the social networking service, with their collective purchasing power, with the operator to use the network to negotiate the capabilities of "mobile virtual network operator" - "MVNO" - traditional nets and networks of buyers Internet bandwidth ("IP"). The use of trucks, he buys in bulk to the provision of telecommunications services at an attractive price to sell its users, while most of the margin.

The social network then digital identity and billing. A member of the social network become mobile client. As for the current client, of course, it benefits from access to the global network. The telecommunications company into a provider of social networks in competition with all other operators. User is a social network of customers. He does not know what the networks and exchanges transitive. It has no direct relationship with the network operator.
The telephony interface of the user interface is its social network, and it is a social network of telecommunications.
The problem is not national. The goal here is to global address book to transfer a massive margin in the telecommunications sector in the social safety net are.
And the heart of the battle is on mobile devices. There are 7 billion people, one billion telephone lines, 1.2 billion PCs, 2 billion Internet users and 5 billion mobile customers.
Present their applications in all smart mobile social networking instead. It is also likely that the devices can use special functions for the use of large social networks, their place in the market.SONY VAIO VGN-AR520
There is no list of cell phones or e-mail. The best way for someone who is neither the number nor the address of the contact of the social network world. It is all the more when it integrates the capabilities of telecommunications.
In addition, the traditional phone system certainly someone with a theme, to communicate knowledge, not been achieved and gather en masse and unknown relationships by creating an ad hoc network sharing direct, immediate and updated in real time. This mobilization virtual function has proven extremely effective as an accelerator of the Arab spring
Better than the phone, social network plays an irreplaceable role in the torn fabric of human relations remailleur, as seen currently in Japan after the disaster of the earthquake.
Thus, the social network is the best way to access, may leave depending on user preferences, one or more other persons, known or unknown, a text message, sound, video, immediate or delayed access, etc.. ...
In addition to the virtual network operator agreements, service operators and a commission on all communications by the mobile application. And that is not a risk that the buyer is not making full use of social networks such as communication interface. Good luck.Dell Studio 1535 Battery
What began as a reaction to the telecommunications industry?
Network managers may not have the culture of the Internet and see that they are best in their heart of business, increasing market share in mergers and acquisitions in order to resist peer in size, concentrate the pressure on margins. The trend is to differentiate between technical services to enhance value to their differences on net neutrality. More prospective, they also think that tomorrow, come the bulk of revenue traffic between computers - eliminating human trafficking among its strategic importance today - who are determined to dominate the mobile Internet.
Some operators, more rarely, however, believe that the issue of telecommunications and interpersonal service provider crucial relegation layers that would challenge the industry to its foundations before the advent of machines of international transport.You need to invest social networks.

Attempts, social networks "at home" is generally not conclusive, the acquisitions were privileged.'s What SK Telecom in Korea, the government has taken a few years ago, "Cyworld" and Telefonica in Spain The "kill." Purchased recently
What is certain is that the social network itself is a telecommunications interface.What is emerging is the emancipation of the cell phone number. With "FaceTime," Apple, two users of "iPod" or "iPhone 2" video can not exchange phone numbers speak. Not to mention the worldwide success of "Skype" ... 
The expansion of this competition, one of the areas of telecommunications is the struggle with social networks, certification of identity.
On a social network for nothing's true identity proves that I am represented in touch with the real person in the profile. Often on "Facebook" Identity fraudsters are taking other for their friends and suck all sorts of useful information for a survey of trade secrets, divorce, the police or the morbid curiosity to speak. This applies to all theft scams, which allows the knowledge of others without their knowledge. 
The vulnerability of social networks in the true identity and falsification of identity.
The state is the identity of the previous owner, a feature that is lacking in social networks. The number Palliative credit card or phone number. We can clearly see the convergence of land and interests of these three actors: banks, telecommunications companies and social networks.
Mutations in the telecommunications and banking are not only "Facebook", although it may play an important role. Networks are differentiated as a stakeholder in this development, because, well, they better serve their specific target groups through the integration of banking, mobile phones and social networks in an offer. This is apparently the more esoteric, but possibly most profitable: the simulator of the real. The principle of the simulator is to create a template virtual machine and dynamic to reproduce this and try to anticipate reality. The simulation is constantly compared to real data, increasing its significance.
The idea is to use all the data on the social network to predict what happens at t + 1, and simulated weather conditions, but here with human society. 
The search engine Google has been able to track the progress of the flu used to search for users in all areas of the base.
An international group of scientists on the "life simulator of the Earth" is designed to answer any real data to be integrated from all sources for modeling human activity.
For a social network, and the large amount of data in correlation with the stock market. Already Derwent Capital Markets provides investment protection based on messages on the microblogging service wrote "Twitter". The original of this approach is the work of scientists from the Universities of Manchester and Indiana, who managed the ups and downs of the Dow Jones Industrial Average predicted with a success rate of 87.6%, have tweets .. . 
This predictive ability is the role that the machines now in equity transactions, manages the relationship played according to experts, over 70% of the volume.
This management algorithm broadband requirements to stream in real time. Dow Jones for this purpose to start an information exchange, "Encyclopedia," by machines.
This massive injection of data modeling is the current way of operating machinery is not the people. Instead of establishing the reasoning, the device uses probabilistic algorithms, huge amounts of data are used. Of course, this means the machine can not find the logic, but emulation: a review of the data is the engine of probability relations between them. The machine is such that if the event "A" occurs, the event "B" three times more likely to take place the event "C". The machine did not come to understand the facts of causation, but the correlation is derived from their respective chances in the future.Sony VAIO VGN-FZ Battery

These algorithms are then empirically to produce with other assembly processes by genetic selection in virtual competition for the most efficient algorithms.

This explains the great interest on the amount of data at any time on social networks when they met in transactional machines that are introduced on the probabilistic algorithms and scalable.This combination of social networking is a revolution in financial markets. It shall apply throughout the economy. Anticipation is an important company in their allocations, distribution of products, strategic directions.

Productivity gains enabled by this simulation tools significantly.Access to information becomes a strategic issue as a lever for competitiveness and the States, a question of digital sovereignty. Can you imagine that the simulation data is the behavior of an entire country into a nation of competing machines monopolized? It is assumed that its intelligence agents of the public and private have no access to their advantage? We do not measure impact.SONY VAIO VGN-CR220E/R

The social networking services on the Internet companies are the latest, most have less than ten years, they are always the potential of every service imaginable.This explains its key role tomorrow as today.