What’s the Inconvenient Truth of Demographics

All ecological pact, the idea of ​​a compact anti-natalist.

Gay sapiens is the worst invasive species. Flora and fauna continue their rapid extinction if there is no creation of an additional not justify us. There must be something more than a few have a child, it takes at least a sustainable planet. A friend of the earth, the cancellation of human VAIO VGN-FZ Battery reproduction, the deficit of births taken as good news. Without shame or fear of miscegenation, if the replacement level of developed countries, carried out by immigrants. But if you feel that we have no responsibility for or against the 11 million children die each year before their fifth birthday, and plant and animal species disappear rapidly, it is our game, at least not paid the bills, then yes, the children again and again. But hurry!

Part of the uncomfortable truth, because over time they became taboo Punch. Among those who are still angry and really, who are uncomfortable and interfere with the reproductive choices armholes unspeakable. Against all logic, the decrease of the population is a difficult problem, a big taboo, that dares not speak its name, which caused a scandal that all evil! It is difficult to openly discuss the economic crisis! The offer of a world population suffers from moderate displacement appears in contempt, shame, because the VGP-BPS21 Battery issue is part of the jargon. This is the realm of the ineffable, nobody wants to hear that we need less. Our world has 250 million to almost 6.7 billion people since the year 1 AD, the growth of our relationship with the sacred. 4000000000 increase in world population has tripled since 1950. To stop it? We show that the nine planets earth can feed 9 billion by 2050 and 17 billion in 2100, but the people remain cynical ISTS this multiply 9 or 17 billion lands in 2050 and 2100 to reach given! Is feared that the nations of Europe the same interest in Sony VGP-BPS14 Battery pregnancy shows!

Demography, economic development assistant exponentially at infinity in a finite world, non-renewable resources, usually, at least not to regenerate the growth of our people is the formula that we're afraid, are embedded. Suppose the finiteness of the world in which many of our press releases and cheerful. We do not know of a descendant, an heir to receive the waste and scrap. There are always many candidates to commit to a minimum of humanity. I appeal to common sense in the name of the Sony VAIO VGN-TT25GN/R CAD system that we are and what zigouiller.

It will be good to proclaim these truths one day in the rabbit-man? Probably too late. For now we see the first aid and that death is unbearable, inhumane. This may explain why people should be made, others will be discouraged. It's not unbearable, but to suffer and die for other species, including our "mammal" sacrificed to serve and nourish the human cause shown. There is almost no inter-fraternity positive (commensalism, mutualism, Dell A3582339 Battery symbiosis ...), but completely negative (predation, parasitism ...)., pathogenesis, and antibiotic coverage in this shocking between ecological We are attracted to one of the most important causes of the expected sharp decline. Woe to those who do not share it! For now, we know that you need to wait for 4000000000 years, Sun has since been replaced by faults the man was a superman, but a fly. O life as such inevitably disappear because of our brilliant mistake.

Saving the planet is an option and two objectives: to choose between the man and Gaia, the population bomb to defuse. Since we have no alternative to the blue planet, or can not move the load, the choice was easy. The population bomb is the worst major deterrent effect on the biosphere. He condemned the apparent chaos.

We suffer from a lack of Dell Inspiron 2650 Battery discernment is incurable, and we want to tackle the enormous environmental anthropocentric. These errors are largely the legacy of religious dogma creationists have placed the rights of nature with respect, without any restrictions. Demographic considerations are still in the family of a visa, purely economic and self-centered or folded over the country, preferably in a contest between nations chauvinist. Birth also thought that in the interest of mankind and the car on the planet and the species of animals. As if we were separated from the earth, as if we lived in a group of islands or island, or rather in an arena, a boxing ring or on a cloud. It is a truism that the earth is not expandable. Human overpopulation is a real test for the planet. The future is in control of the extension, but the recession, a drop in local Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery(and cheap).

Several generations of children per woman, or financial support for couples dealing with non-fast, the program is a bold policy and ecoconsciente. Favorite children populist, social satisfaction, born in France after the massacre of 1918, increases the mortality rate is still historically high birth ... the third millennium, the countries of Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery transit services such as outdated, obsolete, replaced by the fall, almost retro and kitsch, but have recently been introduced in Spain, and strange, as if Spain is not connected to a light and a sick Europe sees the world .

Having a large family, a crime against the environment, which together seriously attack the planet and the future. You can choose not to know the fate of man, baby you just technical, but also convincing to do with ethics and the global environment. Matter of conscience. Hyper-capitalism and the destruction and condemnation of the genealogy of the Integrated Management of the disease is not sufficient to ensure institutional sustainability plan for comparing pairs of human activity in the Inspiron 6400 Battery population and the environment.

Western society consumes more resources, which are not closed, and in countries affected by the forces of tyranny. Thanks and against countries whose nationals are significantly lower than in the case of an Indian, Vietnamese, one Peruvian and one Sudanese. To continue the descent, three planets and one French, one American, almost six, an average of two planets needed, some projects the earth to live. A good education for global solidarity, we give the Americans the right to exercise an Afghan seen 100 times. It is difficult for a Westerner, the moral right to education in the country to take our environmental obligations to give, or felt, to a climate of apartheid to enter, was made at the Bali conference. Credit of his life on his side or Greenland born in Monaco, and Amazon Inspiron 1545 Battery has never set foot in the Amazon and Greenland, it is understood. But he gave to the Amazon and Australia has the potential to cause damage directly threaten biodiversity are still alive and significant. That's why people are in danger of nature in the vicinity or injurious pressure. It is much less a child in a sensitive area, one of the last bastions of the green capital of humanity. Overcrowding of the juxtaposition of human diversity. Contrary to a view on the situation in the world, more than one child in London, Mexico City or Hong Kong were less damage to the overcrowding and the beginning of the Inquisition of Tasmania and Papua. Stay away if you're absentons of Patagonia, the Congo Basin, boreal forests and many others are still rich in flora and fauna, fortunately, often inhospitable to humans. Save the remains of the most beautiful catalog of his life, the last reserves of the genetic, time of biomass and carbon storage, such as invasive predators slain last year in the lungs of the earth. The option of tourism, although friendly, a vein entirely negative. Areas are only partially preserved. Presence of a human life in the Western fashion as inevitable and unavoidable, that American life is a disaster for the balance of nature and a threat to the source. Love you to us, the pier last, of course, I know how many years the indigenous peoples and our children are our future and our intrepid adults, maternity, nursing and Vostro 1700 Battery emergency n'encombrons!

The human population continues, but in a moderate growth. This delay is broken on the rich industrial countries, where the speed of reproduction, except the United States, where immigrants to the demographic impact of increased coverage.

The UN predicts a decline in large population in Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and in most states, the collapse of the Soviet Union. Low mortality and fertility is extremely low in these conditions, the population of this group of countries that currently 1.2 billion people do not have to increase in 2050. A chilling effect on levels of fertility, a dysfunctional family never reduced to little, if not a single mother, has increased male infertility and family planning are generally accepted in a number of limiting factors. Another reason for this stabilization is the worldwide spread of the AIDS pandemic, which significantly reduces the chances of survival, as in South Africa where life expectancy dropped from 62 in 1995 to only 48 for the 2000 -2005. Ironically, survival instinct or against the population density is much higher in poor countries are already the biggest Inspiron 1720 Battery problems in ensuring food security for their citizens experienced. In these countries, contraception is virtually non-existent and the families of 55 children five are the norm. In Burkina Faso, Congo Brazzaville, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Liberia, Uganda, Mali, Niger and Chad, Afghanistan, the population will triple by the end of this half century. The general trend is for population growth and a gradual stabilization of the population slowly, compared with a strong increase of the last fifty years. Despite the crisis in 2050 will still register at least 9 billion to land, especially China and India are included. At the same time, China will surpass the list of the most populous country of the leading countries. Half of the people to live, while India and China.

Environmentalists emphasize desperate for Dell 6000 Battery resource depletion and degradation of ecosystems that we need two planets to survive. In another area, these two planets, everyone knows it's a world of rich and poor. The first is appropriated, not unpleasant to us ... It is located in a rich billion in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and a very private club of the privileged who tyrannically ruled the Third World. The one billion rich cache misery (not visible): Fourth World Conference to sleep on the streets of neighborhoods scholars, engaged children of Don Quixote in the pleasures of camping, gourmet restaurants of the heart, etc.. The balance of the earth community, or just over 5 billion and half of poor people whose fate is known beforehand to die in the rest (and is) all over the world. Appropriates the world premiere (in my honor!) Dell D820 Battery Energy 7 / 10, 4 / 5 of all wood products, fish, metal 3 / 4, 5 / 6 strengths, the research 9 / 10 and development, the car 3 / 4, nine of The 10 aircraft, etc.. These figures are a bit "friendly and loyal, that excessive control billions privileged with the freedom and unloading everything, begins to show another 5 billion dictate. This ensures that the poor continue to stagnate or sink into poverty. In terms of ecological sustainability, a North American or French is worth, how many Africans? The U.S. state of Wyoming is the least populated (510,000 inhabitants) emits more CO2 than 69 countries and has met a total of 357 million people.

Excessive hectares per Dell E1505 Battery person, the chance that the West of subsidies and are illustrated by calculating the ecological footprint eloquent appropriated without regard to the rest of the world we are on foreign debt. An American or European does not pay for the service they provide or African Brazilian forests by recycling CO2 emissions. It is therefore appropriate to consider a range of activities that the progression of abuse in both directions. Progress in a number, in the absence of another. You know, for example, every day of large aircraft, the Nile perch from Uganda and cut flowers in China and East Africa invites Vatry airport in the Marne (120,000 tons of cargo per year), imports increased? These behaviors are not the deception of the ecology of the Round Table, hidden out of capitalism. Collateral damage is not necessary for the inclusion of these activities, such as the exploitation of fish and horticulture to environmental influences and human resources to be used again. The contrast is painfully clear, between the desire to fight global warming and the economic development needs of the unilateral approach of our VGP-BPS13/Q Battery company is required.

Reproduction is a natural phenomenon in all species, especially among those who dominate most opportunistic necessary to take any environmental benefit. Available in rats, cockroaches, flies and butterflies. The man, whose instincts are with the computer of choice, consciousness first merge, a natural tendency of a future strategy for the tribe, family, self-centered design and design a long life: the PA3399U-1BAS battery search for her offspring, and thus the safety of his age. Before the twentieth century progress in hygiene and control of infectious diseases, child mortality guarantees surfecondation, supported by the secular powers, inspired by dogmatic religions. Books to ensure that the fate of offspring under the authority of the foolishness of God is placed. Until proven otherwise, the offspring, but the testimony of God's protection is absent. Pandemics, famines and wars, massacres, as they were there for the rest, shave every profession and PA3465U-1BRS battery dissemination of new impulses with a small spoon.

Imagine a different world ... Itself, but in reverse order, it does not dominate more dominant, but with a different kind of greatness, we must flee, hide, do not breathe, when the other shows where the masses at its best, the worst would be the extinction of our being only option. The hell. The, orangutans and bonobos, gorillas, one of them as an invasive species and deception in human society of modest size for you? This would be the end of the world to be yourself, always gay sapiens, but no oil, no more fossil fuels, petrochemicals, press the green revolution and bread (this kind of golden age, or, alternatively, you have done the work focuses on monotheism wait ...), but this time only up to a billion or two small. Closely with almost the same invention, the same invention, progress, a number of VGP-BPS9/b Battery techniques. But to attack a planet, for some reason, the scourge of the bonobos, other important species such as narrow in sympathy, and specific. At the conquest of our beaches and cities full of bonobos, the bonobos, the city, to infiltrate is present, calm and walked everywhere. 7000000000 intruders bonobos ... This is not the Planet of the Apes, our planet is suffering unbearable excesses of the Inquisition of a different kind 7000000000 Imagine a rhinoceros, rhinoceros invading our supermarkets, our pathetic animals. Impact on our global ecosystem fragile, the elephant in a china shop. This is what the biosphere, not knowing for one moment believe that it is in the right environment. So no, there is an error, the HP dv7 battery error is not perfect yet.

"Instead of dying, then divide!" The survival of humanity depends on the extent practicable, but not impossible. The impossible is better management and resource allocation. We tried everything for age and moral equality professed by the great books of the desired results. Our species can not see very far genetically selfish. And experts say the exact opposite of the quality of hp dv3000 battery life of the privileged few who come every wish, while population growth and all the drama that will lead to a small part of the global economy: the poor. It has developed a break between the network and maintain a world without children and even a way to feed the poor and underdeveloped completely redone every mouth. The best way forward is to continue to grow in order to promote the globalization of fertility. Some people give some of their freedoms, including those for all children to bring the benefit of society at large. The eternity of the human species depends on the strange decrease in population.


Failure mechanism of the capacity of the pins and solutions and applications in portable products

Stress tests (ESS) test environment is often used to evaluate product quality machine tools. In the test, random vibration ESS products to evaluate the structure, assembly, stress and other disabilities. Increased capacity, welding, applied in the absence of specific treatment in order to identify the vibration test, prone to breakage problem. This experiment simulates the vibrations of the car, the race of the Inspiron 1525 Battery shock vibration, reducing the stress state of a collision.

The mechanism of concentration of stress fracture usually occurs in the capacitor leads at the connection point or position of the ball. When the ambient vibrations of the capacitor leads to the legs and the ability of management terminal transverse and longitudinal effects of traction, especially if a large capacitor, such as when a large capacitor.

Mechanism is simple, the solution is not complicated, it is the experience in a conventional circuit capacitor in GD414 low silicone rubber adhesive integrated, but this approach does not work.

Tensile strength of silicone rubber 5.4 MPa, an elongation of 100% -200%, the intermolecular interactions are weak, poor adhesion, the responsibility is low, since the binding capacity, the surface will be live, but In reality, the effects "of stress in the silicon rubber is stretched to a large extent is still subject to greater Dell Inspiron 1526 Battery self-capacity tension and shear, ie, in which the material of choice and rubber-4X recommended epoxy resin, tensile strength greater than 83MPa, the rate of elongation of less than 9%, good adhesion, high adhesion, low shrinkage, dimensional stability. One can clearly see the performance of the epoxy resin E-4X set to play a real role to play.

The coating is refined to require that the body of epoxy on the size of the capacitor 1 / 3, and the formation of the cam-shaped support in the coastal areas of the capacitor and the plastic will be e-4X are fixed, are protected the vibrations are no longer floating through a PIN.

In addition to the permanent mounting adhesive led the Council together after the first session of Dell A3582339 Battery capacitors and other components, so that the peak of the vertical of power, income or location, push, single or external forces caused by tilting the change process, meeting in the first column of the other components and assemblies and high binding capacity, while you work or placed slightly above the capacity of the column with the force protection of the capacitor.

Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery Improved procedures for the vacuum coating system (the surface of the ceramic capacitor of about 15 microns thick as a film Erin transmitted) and then coated with silicone rubber set. Improvements, the first capacitor and then vacuum epoxy to the outside to form a capacitor and a plastic film to be sent to Erin. Since the surface roughness, the film Erin beneath the surface of ceramics, plastic tables in the MOVIE Erin, sent the contact angle is greater than the surface of the ceramic (and the contact angle of wetting of the best ), set the best Inspiron 1521 Battery improvement.

The problems mentioned above and solutions for a summary of the results of three: one, capacity, nature of the stress fracture in 2-pin assembly drawings is not acceptable, a permanent adhesive joint strength is not enough, and the process of rupture of the reasons the imperfect and 3-pole, the use of epoxy glue, and adjust the production process technology to the problem.

Capacitive sensor wheel on the iPod's success in other products, other consumer electronics developers are encouraged to consider the use of capacitive sensors to improve the user interface of the product and make the product better. In fact, applications of IBM ThinkPad T40 Battery capacitive touch interface and sensor are not limited to MP3 players, but can be used to present the traditional mechanical switch between any of the products, such as buttons on the phone menu command. The use of highly reliable capacitive touch, convincingly and effectively, you can easily modify the menus to change the design of advanced control.

Capacitive touch sensor interface usually consists of a capacitive sensor, the ability to digital signal converter (CDC) and a main processor (Figure 1). Sensor with a standard two or four tracks on the PCB (oligo) or manufacture of flexible circuits, so that no external components or materials.

Reliable sensors must be free of the effects of changing external environment, can work in any condition to maintain certain levels of sensitivity. Variations in temperature or humidity will lead to changes in material properties of PCBs, the ability to print results level sensor output circuit. For example, when a user of the car-free environment of a warm, moist air, it is possible that such a situation. To avoid intermittent contact with Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery errors, the CDC must include real-time compensation function of the drift.

Change in environmental conditions (temperature, for example, the increase or humidity), the sensor of environmental parameters (the user does not touch the sensor during measurement of the CDC) to drift. To compensate, the need to dynamically change the threshold level for determining high and low effective contact of the sensor. The position of the baseline 2,3,5,6 adjusted to maintain the optimal threshold method, which automatically checks for Dell Vostro 1700 Battery errors and offset drift.

PCBs may also be affected by stray capacitance, this capacity of 20 pF, is the press as a capacitive touch sensor when passing the threshold, the variation in sensitivity. To compensate for the parasitic capacitance can be used to program the CAD method to compensate for the CDC input. For PCBs, the parasitic Vostro 1500 Battery capacitance is the same, so when the plate can make simple adjustments, you do not need external RC tuning components, so that the cost of materials, assembly and testing related to a minimum. Adjust the offset of each sensor individually, so that designers can take full advantage of the resolution converter.

Traditional mechanical switches with tactile sensitivity and family for capacitive sensors, these parameters must be considered and optimized. Various sensors may require a unique sensitivity, based on switching functions or change the physical location of the product. In addition, a sensitivity setting for all Dell 6000 Battery users, which should allow users to define different levels of sensitivity, if the sensitivity control via menu selection would be ideal. For example, the AD7142 compatible with the requirements of sensitivity, which allows a single 16-bit registers for each program of detection sensitivity. These records can also be integrated in the firmware of welcome, and always on the menu, which allows the user to select different levels of sensitivity to their needs.

Contact with the Latitude X300 Battery user during the sensor, if sensor input for each sample, it will lose the battery. To maximize the efficiency of the battery, the CDC should be able to stop the touch sensor to detect the user and automatically switches to low power. When the sensor is touched again when, IC will automatically re-enter the normal operating mode.

To save more power, but should also include a full stop mode. In this case, as long as the sensor is disabled, it will shut down the entire IC. In portable products, disable the switch sensor is usually set by a mechanical switch or from the control menu, select the mode lock to finish.

Inspiron XPS GEN 2 Capacitive sensors to replace the traditional mechanical switches have the advantage of this process of manufacturing and assembly easier. Traditional mechanical switch manually to each switch in a special hole in the plastic housing, while containing all of these switches can be one step plate of the capacitive sensor, placed in the plastic below. Notch with holes for positioning a sensor mounting plate and glue is sufficient to complete the installation and location of the plate sensor calibration.

The main processor board can transmit the Dell 6400 Battery electromagnetic coupling noise in the capacitive sensor and alignment of the sensor, resulting in unpredictable movement of the sensor performance degradation, but also by the simple method can help to electromagnetic interference ( EMI) reduction of the impact sensor to a minimum. First, the CDC should be installed in the sensor board, which makes the length of the alignment of the sensor as short, reducing EMI is coupled to the alignment of the occasion. Second, the use of a solid ground plane of the four councils sensor, the sensor can provide additional EMI shielding. If these two methods can not effectively isolate noise and EMI sensor is also connected to a metal shield placed in the chamber above the edge of the Latitude D820 Battery sensor.

Capacitive sensor coupled to the electric field is the product of the metal shell or a conductive metal surface conductive coating, leading to unpredictable movement of the sensor, causing mechanical limitations, requires the edge of the sensor capacitor with the metal surface to maintain a certain distance the edge. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the capacitive sensor and the Dell Vostro 2510 Battery sensor is at the top of the thickness of plastic. If the plastic is too thick, the power flux lines will not be able to effectively pass through plastic, so that the sensor performance unreliable. Typically, the distance between the hull and the sensor must be greater than 1.0 mm, the thickness of the plastic must be less than 4.0 mm, the Inspiron Mini 1012 Battery sensitivity in an appropriate range.


Analysis of technology trends:web 3.0 and Tablet PC and coumpter

Analysis of technology trends

For more information on technology trends in the computer industry, just watch a recent movie, great spy (James Bond), a cop (CSI: Miami) or fiction (Stargate SG-1).Knowing that the writer should include a passion for science and technology public, please, in the decoration of the innovative and critically celebrated and the Sony VGP-BPS13/Q Battery user.

Called "Chassé-croisé" with different actors from the original series - Recently, our television networks have spent another episode of the cult series "Stargate Atlantis SG-1".

It was as if the Air Force, or rather its production every Tablet Dell Vostro 1500(Tablet PC), showing that they removed a practical use, an idea, the first reviews of the product tends found.

In fact, given the interests of producers of such interface is supported on the TabletPC and ensure a bright future to replace the traditional time for the laptop as the screen size and the competition to see better performance

In parallel, the series "CSI: Miami", the inspectors presented the basics of the Internet or natural language data, which suggests the audience that the system is capable of was to interpret the meaning of words. Again, the technology known as Web 3.0 is under development and we will discover and eventually, the way we think about computers and search engines use to revolutionize the use of hp pavillion dv3000 battery appliances.

The Tablet PC

In 2002, the Tablet PC has arrived on the market. Designed specifically for mobile business professionals (business, police, cartographers, etc.), is a laptop without a keyboard, which inherited in an office environment with the pen interface can operate the PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

Most models are 30 x 22 x 3 cm (LxlxE) and weigh between 1.4 and 2. They use a Centrino Pentium M occurred between 1 and 2.2 GHz, a screen 10 to 14 "and runs on Windows (XP, Vista, TabletPC and September).

His memory is 256-2048 MB of RAM and 20-160 GB hard drive. Its lithium battery has a range of 5 to 8 hours. The TabletPC generally have input and output USB 2.0, PCMCIA Type II, RJ-11, RJ-45, VGA, and even an infrared port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MM / SD, FireWire, HP, Sony VGP-BPL13 Battery microphone, headphones, S-video TV out, DVI and S / PDIF, no less.

Can eventually be equipped with external devices such as CD / DVD drive, a webcam and even a keyboard and mouse.

Without exception, a good set of office applications and multimedia, today.

There are two types of screens, transflective color display, part of the incident light and background lighting provides for the transfer. The first to. Lighter and easier to read in bright

Among the existing models include the Acer Travelmate C302 XMI, the RF1000F Asus, Stylistic ST5031 the Fujitsu-Siemens, the TC1100 from HP and Toshiba Portege M400. The Sony VGP-BPS13B/Q Battery models are waterproof and resistant to shocks, such as the Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 or the Getac V100. But does not work on these devices, it costs about € 2500, if not more.

As for selling the iPhone in 2010 (499-799 €), kg, with its LED screen 9.7 "and weighs 0.68, has the appearance of a TabletPC is the standard desktop applications (with the exception of a few tools and e-mail) or accessories Sony VGP-BPS9/b Battery (sold without keyboard or mouse of the cases, etc.). iPad is primarily a tool for communication and multimedia.

But it can be adjusted, especially since Apple Store is the repository of more than 150,000 claims (against fee) and millions of songs from the iTunes Store (fee). This means that the current version of the IPAD product is a costly and inefficient than its direct competitors, the netbook.

Note that some laptop models from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Toshiba, among other things, a touch screen mounted on a rotation of 180 degrees, then fold it up and face down on the keyboard. Very ergonomic and extremely thin, usually more effective than real TabletPC, which has more memory, more hard drives, a faster processor, 9 cell Dell Latitude D430 Battery etc.

And while we are here to make a camera in this price range nothing better than a portfolio with the example to protect the smell of leather Piel Frama!

With a Tablet PC or a "Web platform" of the new generation (screen 14 "XGA, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive, Windows Seven, a lithium-ion batteries for 8 hours and the most common applications ), Wi-Fi and a webcam, you have everything you need to work at home, but almost never at home! explanations.Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Battery

It began with a TabletPC

We could use these "Web on wheels or on the interest of the TabletPC on the road." § In fact, imagine away from home and forgot to tell your partner, your boss or your guests at some point.

When used for transporting the Tablet PC Dell Vostro 1310 Battery, you can use instead of your cell phone or PDA, to prevent it. The message on the Internet or even free in the package.

They stop near a Wi-Fi and connect via a video conferencing software like Skype, "Hello, I think I'll call you!" Provision of information and then have time to check e-mails and read the titles on the premises of an electronic journal at home.

"Web on wheels" (the canvas on wheels) and is called Anglo-Saxon tendency to install more and more usual to generalize about GPS systems in cars and computers. The mobile internet connection Toshiba PA3399U-1BAS battery to watch all the conditions drivers or surf the Internet as a passenger, a behavior that could eventually become second nature.

Some criticize this solution as PDAs and other iPhone and allows passengers to connect to the Internet. However, these management systems, e-mail (Blackberry) or a slow Internet connection (iPhone) is not really limited with these phones as a tool for video conferencing or browsing a Web page to others.

You will need a broadband connection, as proposed by WiMAX operators such as AT & T or Orange. These solutions will come only in Europe, where WiMAX connections can still be counted on the fingers of one hand with our technological backwardness.Most broadband solutions enable Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS a wireless connection through a subscription of € 50 per month, including the Council of Communications for a download speed and 500 kbps 800 kbps 600-1400. Not as fast as DSL or cable modem, but it comes close.

In any case, you have a video conference via webcam. Wi-Fi at the moment, you can easily navigate from one place to another via the Internet and even listen to your best clips with the helmet when the driver and those disturbed by reading his e-mail by connecting to POP3 server of your provider.

Thus, even away from home or work, you can make eye contact with your relatives, documents and even apologized to get the best boss impersonal e-mail!

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi

The disadvantage of this approach is the slight deterioration due to the narrow bandwidth of this type of service. Nothing like the fact that the fixed connection at home or office.

The quality of wireless Internet access also depends on the reliability of the network - such as GSM.

As we proceed, can be away from base stations and drop environment. If the signal bar Wi-Fi or WiMAX reduced status symbol that appears on the Tablet PC Dell Studio 1537 Battery , expect that the transfer rate is even lower, at worst, a line break.Signal strength can also vary the speed of their cell fontion relay. This is most evident in trains or planes. In the worst case, it will go faster on foot, but this is exceptional!

Finally, the GSM operators seek to cover the whole country and even reach millions of consumers. Now, we find that in rural areas or at the bottom of narrow valleys, sometimes, Wi-Fi is slow or impossible because the system does not receive any signal.

When you contact the Sony VAIO VGN-FZ Battery operator, and this is especially true in some cities of Luxembourg, they know the problem two years, and install a new relay antenna projètent say. Meanwhile, the years go and nothing changes, but always pay the full price subscription to the Internet to improve service. The situation is similar in many rural areas in Belgium, France and abroad.


The river is an important part of user comfort in internet connections, the road mobile WiMAX, a technology still preliminary, but with the support of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and supported by Intel, Motorola , Samsung and Toshiba, especially, as in this article in my blog, the largest manufacturer of computer products and semiconductors, which is the importance they attach to the present hp pavilion dv4 battery market.

WiMAX (IEEE 802.16) at speeds of 3 to 5 times higher than that of the best Wi-Fi and DSL or cable modem today. Speaking rate of about 2 to 3 megabits per second (Mbps), with peaks of 10 Mbps or if the connection is "clear", especially at night, where there are fewer people with the operator of the pipeline.

At these speeds, you can view the documents on your Tablet PC streaming video (streaming) from Dailymotion hear, to listen to the audio stream from favorite radio station or streaming music through services such as Rhapsody .

WiMAX not only want to support manufacturers of this technology to extend to laptops and smartphones, but also the GPS.

Not only at high speed, allowing drivers to better informed in time to improve traffic flow around the high precision, but also offers real-time images from the webcam on our Sony VGP-BPS12 Battery network of streets in search of possible routes . These solutions are already tested in the United States, including Washington and Chicago. Tomorrow will be the technology with us.

But now that the WiMAX network in Europe is rare, even in our capital, as in this site, dedicated to discussion and WiMAX coverage in Brussels.

It is, engineers are already thinking about other solutions. AT & T, one of the companies with more Nobel laureates per square meter, using a technology called "LTE" or Long Term Evolution, which can theoretically reach speeds of 10 times the WiMAX!If broadband is definitely the way to Sony VGP-BPS13 wireless technology, there is still uncertainty about the availability of this type of Internet service in our cities and highways. We are far from the GSM network coverage, even in the streets of the United States to attract millions of people every day.

Currently, the rate, sometimes so slow that during a video link from mobile IM is the image on the occurrence of peeling paint, even with the best camera with intelligent monitoring and anti-vibration system. And do not even try, try it in the back seat of a truck to use for making a random, or even faster mobile Internet connections are not.

Will we be in order. Take the time our staff to adapt to their HP Pavilion dv7 battery market from time to replace their old telephone exchange and the exchange of other digital systems and their copper lines with fiber. But wait too long, companies do not take too late or not go elsewhere.

Web 3.0

At the heart of Silicon Valley, the computer-aided design of a new kind of Internet we all use and it makes us stronger, letters to print, or communicate with distant friends download files.

Facebook, YouTube and other social networks and blogs are part of "Web 2.0" entered the house, in recent years. But if some people have trouble understanding their value to imagine this, the future is a pixel of the image that the overall future of the Internet in 2020, if n ' is not beyond.

Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

The concept of the Internet is now a 10-year cycle, after it has changed dramatically. Web 1.0 is the first generation, where he developed the Internet platform, typically, by its ability to online DELL Latitude E6410 Battery users with a wealth of information.La Belle Epoque to the Internet in general, between 1995 and 2000, the static site and uses different programs and proprietary databases, has been without the ability to build relationships between the information was deleted because it is still Many governments from c again.

It is currently at the end of the second cycle - Web 2.0 - which is the intelligent version of the Internet, an ergonomic user interface. Connecting to desktop applications and also scientists from online services, lack of connection of users and devices.

This Acer aspire one Zg5 technology is mentioned for instance in the virtual world of Second Life and online services such as Google Maps or GPS systems that offer users the latest maps of public services (POI databases, directories, etc.). We also Twitter, and Picasa. With Flickr, for example, you can find images that could never find a typical keyword search. But all this will soon be the Web 3.0 horizon to be replaced.

According to experts in just over a decade, in 2020, the technology can be connected to the Internet and all aspects of our digital lives, websites, e-mail or a file on our computer links with thousands other concepts and operation of devices of this technology.

For example, when you write an e-mail, the system Dell Inspiron 1200 Battery can expect the message title and suggested websites, books and documents (photos and video), which are stored and can be useful.This dynamic relationship is possible thanks to the intelligence of the basic architecture of the Internet. In other words, the Semantic Web and it even smarter and smarter.

Anyway, the idea of ​​Web 3.0 technology, which has developed since 2006 with the Internet in a huge database whose contents are accessible with tools to transform the browser artificial intelligence and diffferent d. The designers imagine how these solutions?

Web 3.0 or Semantic Web

Nova Spivack is the founder of Radar Networks. This is a guru who work in Silicon Valley, specializes in the development of 3.0 is called the Web or the "semantic web" (sometimes called "Geospatial Web" or "3D Web").

According to Spivack Web 3.0 refers to a radical attempt to revise the design of the core technology of the Internet platform for the system to identify and consider the infinite amount of information scattered around the lives and relationships them Dell KMP21 Battery.

If Web 2.0 was anything but an intelligent system of collection of information, many Internet users, the principle of "Page Rank" (Technorati, Digg.com, etc.), followed by Google designed to provide a value for the data to assign Internet estimated on the relevance or interest. Web 3.0 is considered nothing short of a brain with the Internet to give.

In Web 3.0, designers are not on the application that runs in front insist, but what happens at the bottom of the system, the power of search engines like Google.

An example of Web 3.0 technology, the possibility of using natural language queries to the Internet, search engines such questions as "What are the winter clothes from microfiber and a value of less € 100? "response allows the use.At the time, to answer this question would require a lot of research, visit the manufacturer's website to search online catalogs and try to find Dell A3582339 Battery reasonable prices.

Fortunately, in some cases, sites that will not result in the conditions used in the application refers generally the case yet, but in a context.

Cognitive Research

With Web 3.0, the search engine to rank all pages and all the sets, the result of the deduction cognitive user expects to find.

In fact, cognitive algorithms now Google and its competitors may not be used to determine that the product in micro fleece and clothing, microfiber cloth, and that the euro is a European currency.

Barney Pell, head of Powerset, a company developing a technology based on natural language, confirms: "Our search engine asks each page, sentence by sentence and returns the results to the knowledge and the general concepts of general language of the meaning and the special relationship is built between them. Google killer "(Google-killer) to the extent that its solution is not yet known" His company, at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), California, is sometimes "seen" as was popular (the company started talking with her battery dell vostro 1500 since 2007).

Web 3.0 is not only the content of text documents, but all media, including images and video.

Open platforms and devices

But not only the search engine, which will be checked on the Internet of the future. A recurring theme of return to the conference Web 2 .0 and 3.0 is the concept of "open platform", the equivalent of the operating system open source, the idea that a site or a device as a phone cell phone, camera or printer must be able to provide all parameters or all the applications used by the adjustment to Sony VAIO VGN-TT25GN/R battery customers.

The system must keep, for example, PDA or mobile phone like the iPhone as a folder, you can relax in which the owner or objects and applications (file, weather, mail service, photos, games were created by users, etc.) without the consent of the manufacturer is required to approve such a measure (through the payment of a license).

Some of the largest computer Asus Eee PC 1005ha-pu1x-bu battery companies (Apple, Nokia and MySpace) has publicly stated its intention to develop open platforms was announced, the Internet is where the various services that mix and match. At the same time, virtual worlds will become more mature, a connotation similar to the immersive environments of computer games, that is, solutions to complex multi-dimensional in the limit of every society, the players, including public enterprises.

For more information, visit the maintenance of MIT, Sandro Hawke, system architect of the World Wide Web Consortium, the new rules that lead to the Semantic Web.

Knowledge of machines on display

In its complexity and the potential power of Web 3.0 shows that human cognition more exposed and executed by machines and one day will be included in the machine Dell 4P887 Battery.

If you see Combining the value of "surface computing" with Microsoft's ability and intelligence androids of the Honda, among other things, there is no doubt that if one day the line between the two entities, humans will be difficult to determine the position of holding decision-makers in this artificial world.

But this is not a reason to give up everything and go back to pen and paper. The future of computing services, how we can enrich, and even though intellectually we fix the railing and the ethics of all this technology before Dell Latitude E6510 Battery it is on us.