The Agency-Energy batteries for electric vehicles in the U.S

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The desire for Obama to have a million electric vehicles on the roads in 2015. To successfully reach this figure, the President proposes to increase the budget for 2013, with the purchase of a vehicle of $ 7,500 to $ 10,000 grants. This ambitious goal demonstrates the willingness of the U.S.government to lower the global leader in technology, dependence on imported oil. In addition, electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrids, electric cars, the expansion of autonomy and a 100% power) are a means to promote sustainable mobility and to improve respect for the environment while creating jobs.

Government policy is to promote the re-industrialization of the sector by funding the construction of factories. But on the ground, there is another trend: many American actors choose to do any or all of their production ... inChinabecause it is a way for them to compete and survive the price war. While some players are still considered dangerous venture inChina, because of IP issues, but several start-ups to a solution to this problem.

The battery is the essential element of the electric vehicle. While the purchase price is a barrier to adoption of these vehicles, there is a substantial part of the price (about a third to a 100% electric vehicle). Therefore, it is strategic to reach the cost of batteries and increase their quality (lifetime capacity,), to increase the market share of electric vehicles. The profits would be shared, since batteries are essential to the functioning of the other so-called clean transport (bus, tram ...) and some industries.

However, to achieve the precise number of vehicles on the road by the government, technological innovations and improvements in production are needed. Note that the difference of microelectronics, where the change is continuous through the progressive reduction of the width of circuits etching carried out, the development of the battery is progressive. The steps of progress for the use of metals and new methods of search terms, and this difference requires a learning curve involved in moving production.

Industrial production, job creation

Production of industrial goods in theU.S.slowed in 10 years, 5 million jobs were lost, one of three. Therefore, one of the axes of the stimulus to boost growth and jobs package re-industrialization of the country. In this perspective, the interest of theU.S.government for the sector of the battery is all the more understandable that the ecosystem as a whole, it is about the industry and develop new ideas and applications that could, as in the case semiconductorAsia. In addition, there is a way for areas heavily infested by the recent crisis in the automotive industry to revive. Thus, according to former MIT President Susan Hockfield: "Manufacturing is just a great engine of job creation." And in the case of batteries, the range of employment have changed: in science materials, businesses, ore, a subcontractor for the construction of robotic factories, engineers and production workers or workers in Latitude D830 Battery factories.

An expensive delay

In 2009, theUnited Statesproduced less than 2% of lithium-ion batteries in the world, a low figure for a country that is proud to be champions of innovation. (Project Agency Advanced Energy Research) Arun Majumdar, a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for the term is understood to be - this time, the goal of a market share of 40% in 2040 because, as the Director of ARPA-E to overcome "a large part of global economic prosperity." The government has launched two programs through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) [5], life to life to life:

- $ 2400000000 guaranteed loans were awarded as a loan for the first three production of batteries for electric vehicles inTennessee,DelawareandCalifornia.

- Produce 30 units of batteries, motors and other electric vehicles were received direct financial assistance. In return, successful companies have received had the funds in the amount of subsidy found. This mechanism would be the creation of production capacity in capable of batteries for 50,000 vehicles by the end of 2011 and 500,000 batteries a year by 2014.

This investment has more mass than its share inChinais able - and willing - of clean energy resources in an appropriate ratio. According to Ann Marie Sastry, professor of mechanics at theUniversityofMichiganand Sakti3 manager (a young company, battery) to power the needs of the billion battery industry, the tariff for the race inAsiaand the entry of manufacturers.

Invest in future technologies

Reach is a solution for the Obama administration, the long-term success of American industry "sur'innover" by developing tomorrow's technology and investing heavily in basic research and innovation. For example, has set a goal of Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, as it was in 2007 by the Department of Energy (DOE) project financing of energy storage technologies for clean vehicles, called Break (program BEEST). These technologies with high potential, but the probability of failure is important to be available to zero-emission vehicle, to allow the majority of Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery consumers with a storage capacity of over480 km. This program has funded 10 projects totaling $ 35 million.

Mixed strategies for new entrants

They received the financial plan for the ARPA-E and other subsidies to revitalize the sector of research and innovation in the field of energy storage. However, among high-risk projects (ARPA-E) and the producers already on the market (ARRA) of new technologies and emerging start-ups. But the visit was possible, if we understand that they are at the forefront of Asia are a dozen companies in the early phase in Silicon Valley, the only things it is sometimes called the development stage technology and intellectual property infringement. Some examples of recipes:

The first type of company: Thanks to the experience of the management team that has already been created and closed three companies of batteries, the company wants from the beginning to produce inChina. Has been on the stage of research to institutions in American universities and government procurement (DoE, DoD, NASA, ...), if the technology is mature enough, it opened the first factory in Gan Zhou conducted inChina. According to Chinese investors have entered the capital. Part of the development is now inChinaand the management team betweenChinaand the towers of theUnited States. In addition, the disclosure by the fact that over half of the Chinese team easily. A new plant inChinawill be more.

Company B Second: the company's technology has a part with funds from ARPA-E, development of a very ambitious goals. Intellectual property is the foundation of society and is therefore a major challenge. However, if the production of critical components are still made in the laboratories of the plant in the U.S., less strategic, China, where the company is good, suppliers and skilled workers in the field.

Third, to reduce the supply of the company for the manufacturing processes and production costs: Company C-type. The solution is that specialty license of the company. All production is done inChinain the third and controlled by local employees and foreign start-ups.

4th A123: to expand research funding for the Dell Inspiron 1520 production of its batteries, investors have confidence in the manager to deal inChina, as had the expertise and suppliers available unlike theU.S.. There was also a way for them to limit their investments. A123 now has five factories inChina, but is adversely affected: the flight of ideas and the design of new competitors. Thank you to government support (ARRA) A123 has built a plant in theUnited Statesand providers have been developed also necessary. [8]. Unfortunately, the successive shifts manufacturer Fisker A123 projects are forced to lay off employees. The consequences would be even greater if Fisker were doomed to failure.

An increase in demand could be either in order to promote the re-industrialization?

Innovation programs are located on storage technologies launched by the government is beginning to bear fruit. But the ecosystem and know-how, although revived, remain fragile and does not attract newcomers. If the battery manufacturer to produce the amount of U.S.assets continues, the search for innovative start-ups, and not their innovations at very competitive prices, they will push to expand inAsia. You must also ensure that their industrial facilities and therefore not flexible automated (a cheap labor is cheaper at the time).

Increased demand from carmakers could change that. Because, with increasing volumes in managing the supply chain is critical and the battery manufacturer in theU.S., subsidies would receive a benefit match for the newChina. In this case, could also start-ups of interest to see happen on American soil, provided that we have knowledge that can be found inAsia. The ecosystem would be further research, start-ups, pilot production, factories, and consumers.

To develop the market, the Obama administration, taking into account, as we mentioned earlier in this paper, a new increase in aid for the purchase of electric vehicles. Is in solar energy, offer parts (Ontario, Canada, India and Italy) the purchase price only to entities whose components were at least partly produced locally, or payment for the rate  and the government French recently hypothesized is that for example follow.

Could it be that one day, a similar system in the case of electric vehicles subject to subsidies for the purchase of larger cars, whose batteries are produced locally? Although it is unlikely that such a solution is not shown beyond any doubt, because the government of theUnited Statesreaffirmed its determination not to waver in trade war withChinain the field of technology environmental.


Appears that successful re-industrialization in the with the auto industry, new, electric vehicle to meet the challenge of reaching a more or less the same because of three factors:

- The increased demand for car manufacturers,

- The level of expertise of ecosystem production and industrialization of batteries in theU.S.

- In the longer term, integration into vehicles of new generations of batteries of US-ups.

In France, issues of re-industrialization comparable, Dell Inspiron E1505 Battery and in the battery sector, it seems that the industry responds to the challenge and revitalized. French industry giant JUICE has three plants in the region of Bordeaux,Poitiersand Nersac. The lithium-polymer for blue because of the Bollore Group (Parisis in the sharing system Auto'Lib) are manufactured in the UK Ergue Gaberic. Finally, Renault opened, after repeated interruptions, the battery plant in Flins, nearParisin 2014. Much of the revival is a real asset to the implementation of the excellent French research in this area and the creation of a true leader in the ecosystem. Remember that this industry will be responsible "for much of global economic prosperity."

How To Manage Registry Cleaner

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When you install Windows on your computer is stored in conjunction with the program data in a database called the registry. Well, what is registry cleaner?

Registry Cleaner is a program (software), when run on your computer, makes the implementation faster and more fluid. It is very important to clean the registry of your computer. Just to verify this. If you delete a file on the system, data is not deleted from the registry to keep the link intact on the deleted file in the registry. Finally, the register is always more useful information without filling your computer slower and slower. But that's not all. Failure to regularly clean the register, the team could be seriously damaged. The default applications and shows error messages that often seems nonsense, your computer is probably infected with a virus. You can also slow down the start-up computer or software to freeze. Then scan your computer and hopes of the team's performance to revive. It is not. What can you do?

RegCure Clean invalid input sources, program files, keys of the class, help files, orphaned references and points, it is the timely execution of orders by the computer user to free up space and equipment to help you design at full speed. New versions of software, because the new version supports Windows Vista operating system and third party applications. Support satisfaction of computer users with symptoms of the error signal from the host computer, for example, the user saves a file or from a file when you try to open a file , send the error message each time more, patients with problems of slowness and freezing the computer continuously records the signal.

This frees up the registry and improve your computer speed and performance. Why register own software for these problems that do not need to solve.

Everyone is aware of the risks that go with it, except to welcome you to try their luck in the elimination of virus WinPC welcome. Digital camera to capture a new generation of the age of technology and take videos and photos at once by the sensor to digital electronics. It is not necessary in the film.

Viruses have a new way of spreading the infection and the unsuspecting user was found fatally easy. They hide their identity, their mode of spread of infection and the intentions of those who want an invasion. In addition to these viruses studio This is the worst virus that disrupted the peace of computer users. These fake anti-virus program may be legitimate, and want, like other forms of malicious software that work, no, no.

How deep to scan the log file and in turn provide information on related files. good registry cleaner you can come with the program, if your computer daily, weekly or monthly as of the date and time. How do you know how to clean the equipment is important to regularly check your computer optimized. Online technical support should be given by email, phone or live chat for problems.

However, at times, choose the type of registry cleaning tool for a specific problem: The problem is, in fact, many of them are on the market. But not all of them are designed to serve a purpose.

This software will automatically add the computer registry and all errors as soon as it finds them. A program of good registry cleaner is regularly updated and recognize mistakes and try to hide malware on your computer.

Or worse, can cause permanent damage to the equipment. You can be a technician to come. But you can be sure it will be expensive. Cleaning and repairing your computer registry cleaner software is the best and safest to use the register.

Therefore, unwanted data through the use of this software is ideal for solving for the cleaning of equipment and existing problems. But this can be very little investment is worth every penny that you are advantages also present. In any case, can the registry cleaner, Microsoft Windows Vista, choose the best for the two main types of your laptop or desktop. All other Windows versions need to work on a previous conviction for maintaining the operating system with maximum efficiency.

A registry cleaner for certain products and reliable so that the plate should be kept clean and your PC running smoothly. If you are an avid surfer and if you want to download free programs are open to various threats like spyware, Trojans set, spyware, registry keys. Because they are immersed, can not be removed manually. One mistake is necessary to descend into the computer.Sony Laptop Battery PC Speed

Windows configuration information is for registration. Here's a look at what is stored in the registry: If your computer is not working properly, then you need to get your Windows registry clean. But the question is how can I clean my own record? In this article we will answer this question, but first we'll see why the request should be cleaned first?

Change often use Dell Inspiron 1525 computer  registry, how to make changes to system settings, adding or removing hardware components, install or uninstall the software. Although the database system is modified to create new entries and overwrites existing entries. Created and new entries are the oldest, which are to form a heavier size of the registry system. If the values ​​of key records crushed there is the possibility that the error values. Then there are several malicious programs that are installed on your computer. These programs, although the computer with integrated protection against viruses, key in the database, leaving the possibility of more malware attacks increased. If you need a registry cleaner software that can improve performance of Windows 7, it is very important, the right to use the type of system to find your form. Although there are different types of tools and programs are available on the market today, then you should set up the experience of the nature of problems in your system. There are some registry cleaners on the market, a specially designed software for Windows 7 The use of such software not only improves the speed and performance of your system, but also organizes your entire system registry.

Performance issues when computers, one element to consider is the Windows registry. This happens especially when you can not clean this important part of the computer system. Often, computers are too slow and unorganized records can be used regularly. Maybe that's all dependent on computers, but the reality is they have delivered absolutely reliable. Many people know how to troubleshoot computer systems. It's really a good idea to deal with computer problems to read, so you better defend yourself when your computer crashes. Download Windows Registry Cleaner is very common, they can coordinate performance. With this program you can be a big change, as the functions of your PC. Magazine is really important, and yes, it is necessary to ensure that the choice of a backup function funkci copy of the program. Consequently, the team started and ended so that his poor performance is constantly increasing, it is the DLL errors in Windows freezes and sometimes locks and other bugs and problems. may do more harm than good with a repair log is a good solution for capturing, in the ideal case, namely the need to dig. Registry cleaner quality have no problem with correcting errors that DLL.

A registry cleaner and registry errors, an error, a control program that analyzes and updates. But the main problem is the drug approval system is to ensure the Dell Latitude E6500 Battery computer XP registry cleaner for Windows XP. As its name suggests, is on a computer running Windows XP applications. Registry problems are the accumulation of large amounts of obsolete registry entries, invalid, corrupt and useless. The registry is the central repository for all configuration information on your XP machine, not a task that can be done without an entry in the register, or are already included in the entrance towards the inside. Despite malware such as viruses and spyware, with an entry in the registry to carry out their criminal ends. The accumulation of unwanted files lead to an unjustified increase and finally corrupted and damaged. You can also save money because they do not complain, I will not buy the box. Read Review See the criticisms of many registry cleaners, which compares the characteristics and experience views of the site owner. Compared useful feature, especially if you know exactly what you want. If you follow these guidelines when you are on a registry cleaner for and your computer, you will need is a smooth, fast computers are relatively cheap (compared to buying a new computer or your car. D professional advice). It would be so strong that many users will be attracted by the magic word, FREE!

This helps to verify the actual results we can see if it works or not. Automatic cleaning and repair manual and automatic, and a selection of special options. Easy to use, automatic backup and restore options, such as novice users, especially since it is a list of the best registry cleaner. Error Nuker with this program so that it does not eliminate the important information at the end conservative fault detection and elimination.Have you ever wondered why so much publicity? In fact, registry cleaners on the massive publicity that manufacturers sell their products to be awarded. Maybe it's the only reason? Of course not, because it is free for consumers. Cleaning agent is able to detect errors, and it is able to successfully repair the Dell Precision M2400 battery system. ? With the use of registry cleaners can free online applications, examinations, and pay a fee to download and use for the full program. If money's worth, is clean, make sure that the right to download. Thus, when in fact the country in the store, buy a registry cleaner should be aware of products, with no possibility of confusion. When you decide which products work best for you and your team to ensure they also have a version available for free download.