What do you think of Samsung Series 7 Chronos

Since its announcement of the Samsung 7 Series has stopped collecting superlatives Chronos. Presented as a killer MacBook has seen its technical qualities, the care in its appearance and sale prices very attractive, we were anxious to present our series of tests to tell you what we think. 700Z5A sold under the reference, he came to write a week ago and we never let go. So today, we can assure you that this is a very good portable, powerful laptop battery, fun to use, well made and well equipped. Of course not everything is perfect and we will see, but we must recognize that it takes a lot of models to advise on a diagonal of 15.6 inches.

Thin edges and opaque panel

Yes, through the integration of its edges on board in a round 7 Chronos maintains measures acceptable (36.2 x 23.8 x 2.4 cm) and weighing only 2.3 kg. Its screen end (LED backlit) has the advantage that handles matte anti-glare and a definition of 1600 x 900 pixels. Two good points that are not close enough to us to complete this screen. In fact, the panel type TN and offers narrow angle. Just had the appearance of the axis of the latter, that the colors fade, which is a shame. However the screen (topped by a 1.3 MP webcam) its rigidity due to the brushed aluminum plate that serves as a cover to the computer, and the hinge leaves a solid.

At this joint, the built-in speakers 2 x 1.5 W SoundAlive supported by sound processing, said to simulate a 3D sound reproduction. Needless to say, if the presets are typical good impression and are effective (movies, music, etc..) If the 3D mode, rendering very proud. Overall, the sound performance of the laptops are disappointing, with a distinct lack of bass and saturation occurs very rapidly when they emerge.

Based, however, no disappointment. The keyboard is built using the width of the laptop, as completely as possible, with a numeric keypad. The chiclet-style, this keyboard is very good. The key is quite short, but the touch is soft, interesting, with a bounce, if you start a mode of typewriter. Each key has a variable intensity of the backlight through the transparent white edges scattered, while the black finish has a soft plastic. Small blue LED activity were included in the update, Mute, and WiFi recognize Fn Lock, the story at a glance if they are active or not.

Thoughtful, well-equipped

To improve the ergonomics of the laptop, the touchpad to the plastic frame is very large and features a large work surface. The click is integrated over the entire surface, so that point and click with a finger. Of course, the simple gestures are fully recognized. It flows very naturally sides with two fingers, and "prev" and "Next" with three fingers left or right. Nothing surprising at this level, but the size of the patch, the surface very slippery and a good enough understanding of gestures by the system to score enough experience to accomplish the task.

As for the connection that occurs around the edges, not the back, a single-port memory card 4 in 1 Front (SD and MMC), USB 2.0 slot and combo DVD burner right to anything, but left with two USB ports 3.0, an RJ45 port, a HDMI port, VGA out (adapter with the owner, not a display port, as we read at times), a combo microwave / 3.5 mm headphone jack, power port and a port of Kensington. The recording takes place on a hard disk with two partitions on the boot (270 and 403 gigabytes), with support for 8 GB Cache Express technology allows faster access to required files.

Our tests showed it was quite fast, and for good reason, it is a model rotating at 7200 rev / min. Under disk partition on Cystal rate of primary market flows sequentially from 114 MB / s read and 109 MB measured / s write. As for the Express-Cache 8 GB SSD soldered to the motherboard of this little box in practice to speed up loading of popular applications and improve system responsiveness. The result is not the same as obtained with an SSD, but the machine is much nicer to use than a configuration without the express permission hide identical. Small test after resetting the Express-Cache is the first cold start of 39 seconds before computers display the Windows 7 desktop. The second start under the same conditions takes only 21 seconds. Yes, it is the Intel Express Cache technology works so well when it comes to speed things up, it is the most common tasks.

The Express-cache, the absence of a true SSD password

For the remaining specifications of our test unit includes a Quad-Core Core i7-2675QM 2.2 GHz (3.1 GHz Turbo - 6 MB cache), 8GB DDR3-1333 and a dedicated graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6750m with 1 GB of RAM, and it complements the integrated circuit Intel HD 3000 for demanding applications such as video games. Not to mention WiFi n and Bluetooth 3.0. Finally, the 8-cell battery and has a total capacity of 80 Wh Regarding the latter, we must admit that the autonomy of the Honourable Chronos 7 series have seen their standard equipment. When completely empty of all its juice in less than 1:07 Inspiron 1525 Battery Eater (on request to the graphics card), it lasted until 06.37 clock use in the office (30% brightness, WLAN on) 4.45 and video playback (VLC 720p, 80% brightness, WLAN off). Load from 20 to 80% is relatively fast in 73 minutes.

Samsung Series 7 test Chronos landmarks

In addition to traditional markers, the results are in the table above, practical tests have shown that the 7 Series Chronos configured correctly is very powerful, whether for re-encode video in Pazera, complex operations in Photoshop or a compressed archive in WinRAR. The results of these three tests are obtained are not the best we have seen, but in the highest and very homogeneous. We also see what are the benefits in the game with a dedicated graphics card Intel HD iGPU offered 3000th If these tests, we have the GeForce GT 520M Dell XPS 14z, were disappointed launched a limited gain in performance 3D The situation is very different here, what we in our benchmark, please visit Stalker: Call of Pripyat. The integration of a dedicated card is justified, so you can see here the full leap forward in terms of FPS. However, the combination of the two circuits is less well done AMD Catalyst graphics driver in the Nvidia driver. So we struggled to make some tests on the graphics card instead iGPU or vice versa.

Samsung Series 7 test Chronos - GPU

In terms of cooling, which were in the opening frame, we were a little in the way things are organized surprised by the realization that a lot of heat through the operating cell produced by the gills of venting to the hinge is removed. A refrigeration system that is effective, although we have seen more portable and less ventilated cooled. For the fan of the series 7 Chronos operates continuously at low speed (idling, even in silent mode), producing a slightly audible breath at your fingertips in a quiet environment.

At idle, while the laptop uses 17W (100% brightness) CPU temperature to 46 °, which is stabilized by the standard, although some laptops succeed in complete silence. In burning, fuel consumption rises to 71W and ventilation can be heard much more quickly. Fortunately, breathing pretty boring and it avoids the sophisticated way to go. An all-aluminum chassis would doubtless have improved heat dissipation, although it is recognized that showed, despite our initial fears, extreme usability tests, the cooling system of Chronos 7 Series can hold it generates heat from its powerful mobile processor or dedicated graphics card.

Also slipping a few words about the Samsung software suite preinstalled which for once are well presented and understandable enough to offer a genuine interest in terms of accessibility. Small applications that are not as intrusive as is sometimes the case allowed, but in the picture settings of Easy, put on a single menu, the main parameters of the laptop (display rules of energy economy via the Express-cache ). Easy Software is already the most expendable, simply repeating the Control Panel of Windows programs in a presentation by the classification of the software category. As for the gravel, which allows you to manage multimedia content in iTunes. Finally, you can anchor a small, configurable option (and, frankly, useless as always, on Windows, you can capture your favorite programs ... but) to be used.

A good choice

Ultimately, this makes 7 Chronos Series expectations that we had placed in him. It's actually a very good 15.6-inch laptop, the size and weight of the contents, work ergonomics, the full connectivity and performance in a very good standard. It has often been presented as a murderess and MacBook laptop Apple A1281 we must recognize that if Apple has the advantage of being mounted on a unibody, they cost about 500 € more equality in the configuration! Since we found this 700Z5A for nearly 1200 €. We regret only a cooling system, which constantly calls for the ventilation and the viewing angles for the screen reduced. For the rest, in terms of design and finishes, all is well, as in functionality and performance.

How to choose the laptop you need to consider the 6 points

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When you need to manage at home or stay in the office to work, do research, chat or whatever, thanks to laptops, there is more freedom. Your goal is not only the enrichment of mobility, because the new models of phones, we offer important properties in terms of load at a time, or other multimedia products. To choose the right laptop, many criteria are taken into account.

The processor is a key element in choosing a laptop!

The choice of a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 laptop

The first key element in the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 processor, which is efficient and to ensure a low energy consumption, greater autonomy. For the election, there is a wide choice largely by two major manufacturers Intel and AMD are willing to learn. Among the best processors in the scene today, the Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Turion 64 X2.

Memory of a good speed

Another key factor in choosing Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 laptop is the memory. The minimum size is 512 MB, but for a Windows Vista requires 1 GB of general giving on a laptop there are only two slots for RAM modules, so it's best to purchase a bar issue, add an additional amount, if you provide the need. Especially since the RAM is required if you have multiple applications, reports or documents, or if we want to play or work more comfortable, without opening yourself about the slowness of their computer problems.

The hard disk that, when the choice of a laptop

The memory on the hard disk is also a criterion in choosing a laptop. Today is the minimum capacity of 80 GB portable hard drive and up to 160 GB for some computers. Not to be neglected the disk speed, the greater the number of rotations is important, it is more efficient and consumes less energy. In addition, you can choose a hard drive with more capacity later, after getting up from its compatibility with other components at risk of losing some problems. If options are available by connecting an external hard drive to improve the memory capacity of your computer when it decides to leave for the optical drive to burn files to CD or DVD. There are also Blu-Ray or HD-DVD high power.

The network connection, stay tuned!

Almost all laptops equipped with an Ethernet port and a modem, so no Wi-Fi, the mention of the Internet without cable can be connected. When choosing a laptop, is the most compatible on-chip 802.11n Wi-Fi with the N. In addition, many computers with Bluetooth concentrate very useful feature to synchronize their mobile file sharing, or very quickly.

Expansion Slots

You can not imagine a PC without the various ports useful for connecting to external devices and gadgets, including USB drives, Internet modems, mouse, printer and even a TV output and a. VGA / DVI ports, we can also PCMCIA slot for adding expansion cards. Other connectors available are useful as headphone and microphone, even if it is already built, and the camera. Some laptops come with a memory card reader.

Several criteria for selecting a laptop!

choose your computer

Skins, but all its components, tools and other elements are also important to choose your laptop. These are:

Weight: the latest laptops are very light, can get anywhere. They are usually within 3 kg, but we also provide mouse and, if necessary.

Independence: If you want to choose a laptop, it is important to ensure the autonomy of it, useful if you're not handy with a socket. It 'better to focus on a lithium battery that lasts more than a Asus Eee PC 1000HE NIMH Battery, of which 8 cells, which are more durable than the 4-cell battery lasts. Otherwise there is the notebook market with two slots in order to maximize battery life.

Do not forget to ask for a guarantee of your laptop, because unlike desktop computers, are very vulnerable because of the case, both the representation and the components of other cards. A single element fails and the computer is unusable or irreparable. According to the manufacturer, you can get a warranty for a period of one year and up to three years, it is obviously better to have a guarantee in the long term the need to compensate for the unexpected.

With the purchase of a laptop, there's usually a lot of software, from operating system, usually Windows and Linux, more rarely, in addition to anti-virus, and another burning software accompanies' text processing. For other software is necessary, can also be purchased at electronics stores, if you do not pay for free on the Internet.

Depending on their needs and use their computer, you can use your laptop. In fact, both for its Internet capabilities and the office or multimedia features, or videos and games, there is a wide choice on the market, and various brands offer their products, including HP, Sony, Toshiba , Asus, Dell, Acer, among others. You can find the computer that has both a personal and business use and fits in line with your budget. You just need to find the technical features, options and the ability of the CPU, RAM and hard drive, which is particularly laptops to decide is the best.