What’s the tips of do’s and don’ts when using battery

1: Replacement battery:

The one I used was sent to me by mobilefun: HTC Battery (37.73 €)

This is obviously an example of HTC and mobile for those who have some ability to cause others is a small "plus" or, as here we have a 1600mAh instead of the 1400 original. This means that if the phone is used 1600milliampères, the battery will last an hour. If it half (800mA) is consumed, it will take about 2-times more logical: 800mA * 2h = 1600mAh.

The new battery, HP Pavilion DV4 Battery is more in practice than 1/7th of origin. (Let's say 40 hours instead of 35 "classic" of a well used phone)

I must admit that I unfortunately do not have the ability to test under optimum conditions, after close to him on a date for my departure. I have not really had the opportunity to give it time to load properly and a few rounds of "shaping" and a few days after my return, I see no significant difference. The current owner's desire I feel very satisfied and confirms that it seemed to have more autonomy. Unfortunately I have no details.

Reminder: You were often enough repeated in Part 1 of this chapter on batteries, so as to avoid good Chinese batteries on Ebay. It will certainly miss many of the components of protection, rather good battery standards: The price range is usually between 30 and 40 € depending on model. Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery

Always heard a little guy from XDA, we tested several batteries and values ​​should carefully placed aparemment known. I encourage you to read the technical explanations in English, unfortunately.

2: External battery:

So I had the opportunity to test more:

Battery HTC Hero with my purchased last year: 1000mAh

1800mAh Battery Solariflex: 29.99 Euros

Proporta Battery TurboCharger 3000: 34.95 Euros

Proporta Battery TurboCharger 5000: 51.95 Euros

8000mAh Battery Maisonsumobile: 119 Euros

Some pictures over to assess their respective sizes and compared to some phones (Alcatel OT-980, Sony Xperia X10 Galaxy and S)

My general feeling: This type of device is great because you can refill when desired and without turning off his phone. We do not use that if necessary, when the phone is stowed in a bag or pocket. No need to remove the battery cover and turn off the phone as a backup battery! There are so many benefits for me. Operation is super simple: They charge by USB, such as a phone (read more careful because they feed mostly Mini USB) and have a USB port similar to our computers and HP Pavilion DV7 Battery

We will start by studying the costs and bad:

Fail # 1: All cables must be provided with the magic multifunctional and universal. Well, it's a nice review *** testicles, because they work, these cables are an incredible source of bad contacts. At first I thought, trying the first was defective, I then tried the second gave me the same result. Every time I charge the phone on the table with a towel under the top. Without this precaution, the contact is not made and it was free. Unfortunately, over time, it seems to twist the two ends of the USB phones have the strength to move in any direction to make electrical contact and a load. It drove me crazy and I can tell you that you walk with your own cables. Forget those provided with, believe me!

This is the biggest drawback that I blame them.

Fail # 2: All phones are responsible for the micro-USB, except for the hero irreducible and others ... All of these batteries are free .... Mini USB. To program or 2 cable adapter on the road: one for charging the mobile and recharge the battery. Court purely useless and I hope it will be quickly corrected in the next generation of batteries, Dell Studio 1535 Battery.

The positive side of each and recommended:

HTC Battery: not recommended. Too big for his ability in comparison to others.

Solari Flex Battery: With a small LED flashlight built, this battery is ideal for everyday use because it is really small, small flashlight can still help. Its 1800mAh, more than enough to recharge a phone number to return (a little tight for the X10 1500mAh, there is some loss) and lost in the jungle less than a week is what I recommend to all.

Proporta Battery TurboCharger 3000: We're in the upper range of size and skill level. The price is not much higher than its little brother Solari Flex, but it is less immediate, because a little bigger. Its size is still small (size of a cell phone) and two from the average of Mines in May May for those who need a little more energy to be used. A You know your needs.

Proporta battery TurboCharger 5000: We ascend a notch in price and performance! But it also offers the luxury of a second USB port. Particularly useful for the iPhone, a charging current greatest need! For example, the IPAD can not be loaded with some MacBook laptops, and I think I would also say, without being able to test it, not by the batteries "simple" calculations listed below. Feel free to provide feedback when you use your iPhone on the other phone can. Thus, we can charge two devices simultaneously. May be useful for camping, a lot.

8000mAh Battery Maisonsumobile: The Queen of the laptop battery. Dell Studio 1735 Battery, It is clearly oriented laptop, and she gave me 4 refills phone without flinching, and he still seemed to remain just under half load. Unlike the others, it will not charge via USB and requires (of course included adapter included) support the industry. Consume significantly less independent and more mobile than others. But the burden of these three devices simultaneously! For big eaters only electricity, but a must if you live in the jungle with your laptop. I also thought about this course, students in the classroom with their netbook for taking notes. I saw a lot of questions to the user in the class with a PC which is in arrears. Get with this toy, no need to back of the room near a power outlet.

3: Mix the external battery - solar panel:

Well, I was told that these elements should be avoided. I have a new home maisondugsm IP2 (E 45.90) and there is always next to me since today morning, charged, not to give energy to one of my phones. During the trip, he gave me helped a bit, but soon fell on the battlefield. He worked a few hours in the sun, then nothing, I thought that once loaded, I would always easy, but it was not really the case. Also, my phone at the time of loading has often been a decline in the battery by 10% in one go. I suspect a short circuit somewhere, because it drained more phones that charge.

Too bad, because it was on paper, he is my favorite level and portability of the program.

Do you want pity, I do not know what to do except send it back to when they fix it, if not trash!

4: hikers dream: The foldable solar panel

Power3 Solari USB Flex: € 99.00

A big favorite.

It is now 19.12 clock in Belgium in early October, I'm not on the sunny side of the house and load! It really is a perfect accessory for the general public in need. Of course, there may be smaller, but the device you never leave my backpack and my bike! With him, I know I can go several days without worry.

Its price may deter some, but believe me, it's worth it. As shown in the figure, it folds easily (small buttons, all in the neighborhood) and when you open it, it must depend on each pocket 3 blinkers. Dell Studio 17 Battery

5: Corner Geek: The Journey USB

I end up with accessories geeks totally fun, original, very useful: The Travel Charger MobileFun € 25.61.

That plugs everywhere and I could invite two USB devices simultaneously in an ultra limited space, I had an international organization (- - charger works with virtually every country in the world) was added. Telephone and backup battery is recharged every night and I was lucky to find a hotel with two in one was an exercise!

A big heart for this article, that really make life easier! It was a wonderful discovery.

Well, it's an item that is ending. I want to thank the more than four participants to test small, and I hope they will still want to share news or to provide gifts for our readers, as 10% of the code through Proporta FrAndroid10. Dell Studio 1555 battery

I hope that reading was very nice and I can return for additional testing.



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Replacement battery:
The one I used was sent to me by mobilefun: HTC Battery (37.73 €)