MSI Wind U27

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MSI launches a new netbook. For this 11.6-inch (1366 x 768 pixels), the Taiwanese manufacturer is not turned to the usual components (Intel Atom and chipset graphics) but the Brazos APU from AMD. There is also the presence of a prestigious guest that is generally missing from netbooks: USB 3.0.

Equipment and ergonomics: USB 3.0 and HDMI

While is often accused to MSI a lack of care in the finishes of our products, the brand seems to be applied to this model. Here, the plastic shell does not crack. There are no games between the different elements. The negative point is the keyboard, with a slight tendency to sink when pressed on it.

The separate or chiclet keys are generally pleasant to use. Typing is silent and instinctive but then again, a small detail comes slightly tarnish all. Entry and Shift keys would have earned a slight expansion, even though we are well aware that low space much limits the possibilities.

The touchpad has made us less good impression. If its not caused us no problem sliding, it is its size that makes nice little usage. For a 11.6-inch netbook, it is clearly undersized. Use it it more the screen shows a definition of 1366 x 766 pixels against 1024 x 600 pixels for more traditional 10.1-inch models. Therefore, to take repeatedly to iterate through all of the diagonal. Note that it is a touchpad single touch. For those already accustomed to scrolling with two fingers, the back is quite difficult and the impression to lose time in fetching the scrollbars on the side of the screen is increased.

Webcam (720 p) has not convinced us. The image pixelated lot. The black is clogged. Only the return of the movements is correct. Say that at best it can troubleshoot when needed, but for everyday use it is recommended to add a more efficient external webcam.

Side connectors, it is rather well loti. On the right there are the power cord, the exit HDMI and VGA as well as the USB 3.0 still too rare in mobile phones. On the other side stand the outlet RJ45, SD, two USB 2.0 card reader and headphone and microphone jacks. It should be noted that USB 3.0 penalty has settle on netbooks, and memory tester, this Wind U270 the first to equip.

It would seem that MSI has slightly undersized cooling fan. Indeed, if the rest all goes well, when a little push components, noise level grows a lot. It will be background music enough present to hide.

Side rise in temperature and evacuation, MSI made the same mistake that many of its competitors: spit it out hot air at an angle by the slice. In this way, knees warm at the same time as the computer when it is installed on.

Calculations: good performance

The E350 AMD APU is not a discovery since we had met him on the occasion of the Acer Aspire 5253 (15.6-inch) test. After a passage on our test procedure the U270 results were similar to those of the Acer.

This is so even when a machine to stick to Office use rather than heavier activities such as 3D modeling. If nothing prevents to launch this kind of application on the U270, time calculations should quickly push users to do so only when necessary. On average, he as well as the 12 inch models equipped with an Intel Atom D525 (Asus VX6 and 1215N).

Playback of videos in high definition (HD 1080p, Blu - Ray equivalent) passes correctly as long as you use playback software that supports hardware decoding (VLC in Media Player Classic HC with the right codecs recent version), or even Power DVD from version 9. Part one processor is not able to go beyond the 720 p and must therefore rely on the graphical part (AMD Radeon HD 6310). What is a good point for him since many netbooks with Intel Atom Processors and 3150 graphics chipsets are not able to go beyond the 720 p.

The start of the Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit pre-installed is 51 seconds. It then takes between 10 and 20 seconds for the launch of the different software and connecting to a Wi - Fi network. Meanwhile, extinction takes less than 20 seconds.

Some possibilities of games

In the games also, the graphic part is better than of many integrated graphics chipsets. Beware, there still not enough to give wings to the Wind U270. It copes honourably with some little greedy, but the newer games only work with g options.

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